USA Green Card for my Taiwanese Spouse

Hello there. My wife and I have been married now for 3 and a half years and we think it’s time to get her a Green Card. Barring the lottery system, I’m curious if anyone who has gone through the process could shed some light on it.

How much (approx.) should we expect to spend on application fees etc???

Should I hire an agent to help us or is it possible to do it alone?

How do i get the ball rolling? I’ve tried calling AIT a number of times but can’t get a real person on the phone who doesn’t just refer to their damnable recordings which don’t really help.

I’ve also done a bit of web searching but can’t seem to wade through the morass of different forms and laws.

Please help!
Thanks in advance!

Are you guys in Taiwan? When do you plan to move to USA? I’m not aware of “getting USA Green Card for your Taiwanese spouse” while you both reside in Taiwan.

If you have lived in Taiwan for the past six months and plan to relocate to the USA soon, DCF (Direct Consular Filing) at the AIT would be for you. I don’t know what the initial filing fees are, but probably under $500 including everything, as with most spousal visas.

Go to It will explain everything. Read the GUIDES at the top of the page.

If you are bright enough and have a simple case, you can do all the paperwork yourself and save your money on lawyer fees.

I have no experience with DCF so I can’t help you more than this. DCF seems cheaper as your spouse doesn’t need to do AOS after entry into USA, which is $1010.

But go to that site I gave you and read. Read hard.

:bravo: that was an excellent site! I’m just getting started on it. Why couldn’t i find that in the web-searches i did? Thanks for spreading the knowledge!

P.S. Are you really The Rock???