Usa guy married since 2012 now with kid, wanna go to usa


Hello all, I am new here, wondering if anyone can help me out. So in a nutshell, me and my wife have been married since 2012, we now have a son who is 1 and we live in Taiwan. I got a good job offer in USA and want to go in December to start working. My son has a US passport now and I have filed a I-130 on my wife’s behalf over a month ago, but still have not heard anything back. She was born in Taiwan and that is where we are now. I’m not sure what to do at this point. I don’t wanna just go start work without them, because she and my son need me, but can she just stay in USA until her visa is issued (basically just entering USA as a tourist for 3 months)? What does she really need in order to stay in USA? I figured I would come here and seek help because I know absolutely NOTHING about passports, visas, etc… This is all new to me. Anyone been through this before? Why does it seem so difficult? Everyone I talk to says "Oh you guys are married with a kid and he is a USA citizen now? You won’t have any issues getting her to stay there, but is that true?


Checking with immigration websites or an immigration lawyer first. As for now, your wife is Taiwanese. She has no legal right to enter USA as a citizen or to work there.


Be very very careful. Do everything by the book. State no lies. A notable falsehood can result in your wife being BANNED FOR LIFE from ever entering or living in the USA.


She will have to return to the AIT to process her paperwork.

Do everything by the book. I can’t over emphasize.

p.s the I 130 process can take 18 months to a few years. It is not a fast process. They can take 10 months just to even look at your file.