USA IRS is impossible to contact - what to do?

actually timing couldn’t have been better as I still owe about 20,000 in student loans, and COVID has essentially stopped all offsets, so I got my check for sure.

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Gotta admit, they are running a pretty well oiled racket :slight_smile: Kuddos to their well thought out strategy of making people give up and pay.

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I was thinking the same thing. They sure as hell are fully staffed and timely in the penalties department, minus the appeals sub dept.

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There is the issue. The notices going out are all auto computer generated. At least half of them are total BS, but they haven’t the staff to remedy the erroneous ones.


This is funny/ disturbing. I sit on the board of this small group of tax professionals in Texas, we have less than 100 members. I just got this email, “Who will attend next Monday? The speaker is Kim Stewart, IRS Director of Systemic Advocacy. You met Kim previously in November 2019 at CTEA’s last 2-day seminar. She will give an overview of issues from the 2021 filing season and cover some of the Advocacy items that Taxpayer Advocacy Service is engaged in going forward. Lots to talk about!”

I don’t know how this woman has time to pee, let alone talk to us


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Is there a way to contact them online or online by call?

:joy: One would think, but no, the IRS believes in Amish paradise.

They have a specific number for taxpayers outside of the country - Contact My Local Office Internationally | Internal Revenue Service

I’ve used it via Google Voice. There’s usually a bit of a wait, but once you get someone they are helpful.

I know one thing, if they call or email you, they are not the IRS. IRS do not call or email anyone. They always communicate by mail. If someone claiming to be the IRS calls you and tells you to pay up, it’s a scam.

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A while back I too needed to contact the IRS in order to sort out my stimulus check situation. Calling them at the number provided on a few letters I received did nothing since the line was always so busy I couldn’t even be placed on hold.

After several attempts I started to search the internet for similar stories and possible solutions on how to get through. I ended up on the IRS subreddit where I searched and browsed many posts. Different phone numbers were being spread around. Normally I wouldn’t bother looking into any of those numbers, but I decided on calling one that was being passed around and from my searches on the subreddit and the internet in general, felt fairly certain it was an actual real IRS number.

Turned out it was! I called and got through to a person within a few minutes. I was transferred to another person after explaining what I called for. I had to wait around 40min to get through to the second person.

The agent I spoke to ended up helping me with everything, got me all 3 checks sorted out which was a have surprise to me. That agent gave me great service, I was really shocked and impressed, so much so, that I wanted to give her a good rating, but when she transferred me to the automated rating system it hung up on me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The number I callled was a special military number, I don’t have it anymore. But I’d suggest searching the IRS subreddit to see what you can find. Just be VERY careful on any number or information get since it could be bogus.


Yea be very careful as it could be scammers trying to get personal info from you. Sometimes things like this you just have to pay a IRS sanctioned preparer to do this for you… as they have special line to the IRS for stuff like this. It does cost money though…

Chances are even if you still have that number it is likely temporary, as in they change on a regular basis.

Would the Google voice be free even though the number cost?

I’ll have my dad ask around for the military one lol

Thanks for the suggestions!

In Canada the scammers tell people to pay by purchasing gift cards and giving them the card numbers… and it works! :man_facepalming:

Think if you youtube IRS scam video, you will notice that the “IRS” caller always have thick accent. Apu of Kwik-e-Mart if you will.
I think most government officials in the IRS likely either white or African American, or at very least second/third generation American without any such accent.
So if Apu answer the phone, you know you’ll likely being scammed.

Yes, it would be a free call using Google Voice if your account is registered in the US and you’re calling from a US Google Voice number. I’m actually not sure if Google voice is even available outside the US to open accounts anymore. You can still use it outside the US of course if you already have an account.

I did in use Google Voice to call the IRS so waiting on hold wasn’t a huge issue once I got through. I also use it quite regularly to keep in touch with family and friends in the US since all they need to do is call or text my US Google Voice number which then goes to the app on my phone which works just like the default phone or message app, but localized to the Google Voice app. It works extremely well.

A little while back this service was under the Google Hangouts name with its own app too, Google Voice didn’t have this functionality. I guess Google wanted to consolidate their offering and out that functionality into Voice. Thing was in order to use it like before you needed to link a real US based phone number to the account as proof that the user was based in the US or something along those lines. I was able to use a friends phone number to link. After that and everything worked fine I then was able to unlink the number and everything still worked fine. Not sure why Google did that new requirement, but luckily it’s not too hard to deal with.

If it’s true that the real IRS never phones clients, it makes no difference what accent the caller has.

@Bree can you confirm what @Taiwan_Luthiers said?

IRS does not call or email. However, they have recently hired third-party collections agents. They will mail a letter ahead of time letting you know they have done so and the name of the “provider”. This doesn’t help if your address of record is wrong. This third-party won’t claim to be IRS though.

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Ya ya, Canadians are naive…we get it and it is very true. But this thread is about the US government fining, siezing and perhaps even jailing you for not getting in touch with them because they dont allow you to get in touch with them. Clearly not as dumb as us canucks.

Pretty sure they would have to audit you before they can jail you. But fining is another thing as fines are not considered a punishment… Funny how that works.