USA MP (elected to Congress) age 41 dies from COVID

On a business call they told me shocking news (to me at least)

[Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow dies of COVID-19 - ABC News (]

They dont care, they’ll say it’s still fake. The West has lost its mind.

hey. Leave the rest of us outta this. our governments arent doing what the republicans are doing.

LOL judging by the mentality of most white guys in Asia I’d say it’s not just governments. Asia has become like a refugee mental asylum for covidiot incels


Are you OK?


Was it the one someone said was killed by the doctor and not covid?

Are they also white supremacists and patriarchal?

such nice people gathered together. dont’ worry people, its all fake! chyyyna virus.

I’m going to do my lecturer thing and ask a question. What’s the 100% cause of death?

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Chinese Communist Party.


The only thing as bad as western covidiots in Asia are bitter ABCs who have a weird grudge against all (non-Asian) westerners.


Twitter of him congratulating Trump and Pence for doing such a fine job of reopening the economy. Also photos of him maskless in close meetings with others during the last few months.


Too soon for political inferences.

Fox news ran some outrage segment about some liberal personality tweeting about this, my first thought was, good for them finding their one hobo to fixate on. Only the guy didn’t even say anything offensive.

The dude literally posted a video of the guy calling for a reopening of the economy. Then tweeted his death was tragic but also avoidable. Fox called this ‘vile’. :rofl:

“He quipped it was a tragedy” - paraphrasing. :rofl:

You can’t make up these levels of fox stupid. Do they even finish writing a sentence before they start reading it?

Until it’s too late to start digging up the past. Rinse and repeat.
He died from Covid. Before that, he supported opening up the economy in a pandemic. He also flouted medical guidelines by appearing in close proximity to others while maskless, also in a pandemic. What is too soon about noting he was a spreader and advocated bad policies?


From or with?
Last time I checked, a cardiac arrest is not preventable with a mask.

Yes agree, no need to be bitter

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Look at the bright side. Natural selection.

Your failure to behave rationally is not my obligation to care.