USA possibility of single party state

It’s looking like the republican party is fracturing and losing cohesion over Trump. So it makes me wonder, is there any likelihood of the USA becoming dominated by the Democratic party? If so, do you think this will be good for the US?

When I said single party state I don’t mean the R completely disappearing, but that they no longer function as a unified party and therefore are completely ineffective against the Democrat party in the foreseeable future.

27 of 50 states have Republican governors, 50 of 100 senators are from the GOP, and 221 of 435 reps in the House. Trump won 84% of counties in the country. Democrats have held the WH, House and (effectively) the Senate since the last election and have neither passed nor even proposed any significant legislation.

"Is this the end of the " headlines generate a lot of clicks following every election but, no. The list of things that would have to happen for the US to become a single-party state is long and horrific to consider.


Like I said I don’t mean the R party disappearing but rather being unable to act in a cohesive manner.

And believe it or not, there is no “leftist” party in the USA anymore. Both Democrats and Republicans are neo liberal conservative and are more similar than they are different. Aside from the demographics they represent they all do more or less the same thing.

So I say the US is already a single party state.




Even though the Republicans represent 20 million fewer people, they do have half the Senate.

And got 47% of the popular vote to 53% for Biden. Trump won a lot of places where very few people live.

Wow! They’ve held the WH and Senate for for thirteen whole days, and haven’t passed any significant legislation. Or even proposed any.
Well, other than a $1.9 trillion corona relief bill.

As to the OP, no, I don’t see the Republicans collapsing. The last election was fairly close- Americans are pretty evenly divided. Though their white base is shrinking, they won over some Asian-, Latino-, and even African-American votes. They have a built-in electoral advantage in the Senate and the Electoral College, and as TerryB pointed out, control many states.


Yup this is reality, Establishment Democrats and Establishment Republicans run the show as two wings of the same bird, they serve the corporations, Wall St, special interest groups and control everything. The media, law enforcement, everything.

Establishment republicans will take care of factions like the tea party and the establishment Democrats will take care of the socialist wing on the Democrat side.

The fracturing in the Republican party now is establishment types like Liz Cheney wanting to throw Trump under a bus and then reverse back over him a few times, the Republican supporters have had it with the Republican party and may either start a new party or try to weed the establishment types out.

They don’t care if this splits the Republicans vote or leave Democrats in power for a while, because they don’t see a difference between the two parties as stands now anyway.


Politicians can call themselves Republican or Democrat seemingly at random anyhow.

Stuff Democrats talk about, like mass imprisonment (that the “law and order” republican types love), they also do little to nothing about. Did you know mass imprisonment was started by a Democrat? I’ll let you guess who…

Do you know what the crime rates were in the 1990s? That’s why two-thirds of members of the Black Congressional Caucus supported it:

Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina, who as House majority whip is the highest-ranking black member of Congress, voted for the crime bill, and he made the same point in vivid terms. In his first congressional race, in 1992, Clyburn once explained to an audience in the historic black enclave of Atlantic Beach that he opposed mandatory minimum prison sentences, which would become a feature of the 1994 legislation. “Those people darn near lynched me in that meeting, and there wasn’t a single white person in the room,” Clyburn told me. “The atmosphere back then—the scourge of crack cocaine and what it was doing in these African American communities—they were all for getting this out of their community.”

“I don’t care what color you are, if you are a criminal, you aren’t going to like the crime bill,” then-Representative Kweisi Mfume of Maryland, the chairman of the CBC, said at the time in an interview with the Los Angeles Times . “Beyond that, if you are looking for some sense of security, for bans on weapons that are in our streets, for additional police officers and for programs for inner-city and rural young people the crime bill helps you.”

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It’s surprising what people are willing to give up for security.

“criminal” definition isn’t static though. If you smoke weed, it makes you a criminal, and the crime bill would impose mandatory sentences on you. It hurt the black community far more since prison is filled with them. Not too long ago, being gay was a criminal offense too.

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Nothing you posted contradicted anything that I said and vice versa. You put things together and neither party is going away.

Anybody remember when the DNC would never recover from their loss in 2000? What about when, in 2008, it was determined that the GOP probably would never win another election? Perhaps you remember when the DNC was shattered in 2016 and would need to rethink everything and come back with a youthful candidate who had new ideas?

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I use to defend the two party system, but now I’ve lost faith in it. I can’t say either party really speak to me. I might like certain people in each party, but that’s about it.

I feel like more and more people feel the same.

What Happens if No Candidate Wins the Majority of Electoral Votes?
If no candidate receives the majority of electoral votes, the vote goes to the House of Representatives. House members choose the new president from among the top three candidates. The Senate elects the vice president from the remaining top two candidates.


Problem is America is locked into it. And both parties aren’t even that different.

So either you accept the illusion of a two party state, or you have a single party state, or Senate chooses it for you.

There’s the illusion of a fair and democratic election for you.

How boring, surprised the founding fathers didnt decide on a pistol duel to the death.


That went out of fashion.

Too quick, sabres would be more fun or even clubs.

Well you have to have at least an illusion of a two party state. One props up the other, as disatisfied voters feel they have a voice in being able to vote for the “other” party, even if they are essentially more or less the same thing; with the exception of Donald J and a few others.

Nice stat. Too bad that doesn’t reflect the # of people in the counties. (Land doesn’t vote, people do).

All that whining about EO’s a few days ago though! They must be doing something.

There are leftist parties. Green party, small indy parties. There is no major ‘leftist’ party but the Democrats are getting younger and left-y-er over time.

This is untrue. There are more differences than similarities on nearly every issue across the board. The GOP also lack clear/consistent policies on a lot of issues, making it hard to compare in the first place.

That’s just not true. They’re very different in their aims and policies.

Different policies on economics, different policies on expanding health care, different policies on 2000 checks, different military policy, different foreign policy. People repeat that they’re both the same but that isn’t true. You can say both are too much by corporate money, but to say they’re the same is not correct at all.

Oversimplified, sorry.

This doesn’t mean they’re the same. The Tea Party are a wing of seditionists, the ‘socialists’ of whom there aren’t really that many in the US want HSR trains, clean energy. That comparison is not right.

Who threw who under the bus? You talk as if Cheney’s job is protect Trump, not the law itself.

I really really hope this happens. By the way the term is ‘purging non-party loyalists’, not ‘weeding establishment types out’. There is no such thing as the anti-establishment right wing.

That is an issue of perception not reality. Thanks Fox News!

It worked great just a few months ago.

The biggest obstacles to democracy come from voter intimidation and suppression, and gerrymandering from the GOP. Or trying to throw the mailboxes away.

In your opinion what wasn’t democratic about the last election?

We can also vote in primaries, run for local offices ourselves, have a lot of choices of local candidates. Repeating the myth the parties are the same here is off.

This guy is gonna keep dragging the GOP down, I don’t know why his name is even mentioned anymore.

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Get used to it. CNN needs Trump until they can find a way to generate high viewer ratings without him.

I’ve turned off CNN and anything related to aforementioned person. Biden is president and I’ve had enough of the other guy. If GOP keep choosing to drag their own party into the mud by supporting him, well they’ve been warned.

The point of this is the parties are not the same, there is no threat of the U.S becoming a single party state. If you go back and look at their voting records, the bills they propose, whom those bills are supposed to help, etc. There must be enough of a difference that a group of angry idiots attacked the Capitol over their ideas, right?

If they were ‘all the same’, people wouldn’t be getting violent to rid of them, would they?

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