USA stops Georgia from aiding Israel in striking Iran? … o-georgia/

[quote]My weapons and private security sources tell me that Georgian officials were stunned when the Obama administration halted the flight of a planeload (or several) of weapons, including small arms, helicopters and “heavy weapons.” Apparently, the shipment of US-​​made equipment was stopped by the White House, going around DoD and State, my sources tell me.

The reasons are twofold and admittedly speculative, since my sources are talking to the Georgian side who are perplexed. One, the Russians may have pressured the administration to halt the deal, preferring to sell the arms to the Georgians themselves — or NOT have the US sell the weapons to them. Second, and more controversial, apparently the Israelis have been in close negotiations with the Georgians to use airfields around Tbilisi as a hopping point for a strike against Iran’s nuclear capability. My sources say 3,000 Israeli advisors and military people are in Georgia right now.

Man, that is really crazy. What a difference a new (Muslim) president makes. If this is true, Israel can call it game over. Iran is going to wipe them out sooner or later.

I don’t think the USA wants anyone in the Middle east to have weapons, actually. Makes it that much easier to steal the oil I guess. :discodance:

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Man, that is really crazy. What a difference a new (Muslim) president makes. If this is true, Israel can call it game over. Iran is going to wipe them out sooner or later.

I don’t think the USA wants anyone in the Middle east to have weapons, actually. Makes it that much easier to steal the oil I guess. :discodance:[/quote]

Interesting theory, but not very likely. The author seems to neglect the fact that Georgia initiated that pesky little border war with Russia over south Ossetia in August of 2008. We, the US, supplied Georgia with many of its weapon systems before that war as they are one of our “allies” in the region. They got their asses handed to them, even though they had US military advisers training their troops, which makes us look bad.

Furthermore, the US and Russia “reset” relations with that infamous red button that Hillary Clinton gave the Russian counterpart (whatever they call their State Department). Russia doesn’t like former Soviet states being allied with their chief rival. They really don’t like those now independent states having weapons systems from their former enemy. A comparable situation might be the Russians giving training and weapons systems to Mexico, and then Mexico trying to retake the territory they lost in the Mexican-American war. They, the Russians, are paranoid like that (but not without good reason).

It might even be something more subtle than that. We, the US, may need Russian help for something and this is a tit for tat situation. We cancel our planes full of weapons and the Russians help put economic sanctions on Iran. If they don’t help, we send double the number of planes later. Or perhaps we need their help with the AfPak region (again). Get them to send advisers in to help train Pakistani forces where the US advisers can’t get in. The likelihood it has to do with Israel is small. We may need Israel to take out the uranium enrichment facilities, but god help us all if that happens because then the Middle East really will explode.

As for the comment about the US not wanting anyone to have weapons, that’s silly. We want everyone to have weapons, but not any one country in the region to be a hegemon. Israel doesn’t have the territorial ambitions that Iran has and Iraq had, therefore they aren’t a threat to the flow of oil. The following will be a little overly simplified, but just follow me. After the Iranian revolution, we (and our allies) gave Iraq weapons. They launched the 8 year war against Iran, which set Iran’s ambitions and military back by about 20 years. Then Iraq wanted Kuwait’s oil, and possibly Saudi Arabia’s, and attacked Kuwait. The US and our allies responded (as fast as molasses) and largely destroyed Iraq’s military. That reset the balance of power in the Middle East for a decade. Iraq had a shell of it’s former military as did Iran. That was fine until we removed Saddam Hussein and the natural balance against Iran. Now Iran has no counterpart to limit it’s influence and they are pushing the envelope.

Iran can’t take the US or Israel conventionally, so they’ll do so unconventionally. They’ll attack Israel vis a vis Hamas or Hezbollah, the US in the Shia sections of Iraq with militias and the world oil prices by sinking a container vessel or two in the straights of Hormuz.

Thank you Ibsig. I highly respect your intellect. I think I need to do some internet research before I can respond to ypour post, but thanks for responding. Your ideas are very thought-provoking.

Here’s a bit more on why Israel may not need to strike at the facilities themselves in Iran. Mossad has a history of eliminating nuclear scientists working on clandestine nuclear weapons programs, like they did in the the 70’s and 80’s in Iraq, then you get the same results.

Iranian nuclear scientist killed by bomb 1/12/2010

[quote]He was killed as he left for work when a booby-trapped motorbike exploded in the street outside his home in Qeytariyeh, one of the capital’s northern suburbs.

State television blamed “Zionists and American agents”. No specific motive was suggested for the attack, though it described Dr Ali-Mohammadi him as a “staunch supporter of the Islamic Revolution”. [/quote]

Iranian nuclear scientist goes missing in Saudi Arabia, 5/2009

Mossad ‘hit’ on Iranian nuke scientist 2/5/2007

Radio Farda, which is funded by the US State Department and broadcasts to Iran, said the scientist, Ardeshire Hassanpour, had died in “mysterious circumstances”.

According to Radio Farda, Iranian reports of Hassanpour’s death emerged on January 21 after a delay of six days, giving the cause as “gas poisoning”. [/quote]