🇺🇸 USA - Travel to U.S. with Taiwan spouse

I am traveling to the U.S. this fall with my wife (Taiwanese) and our daughter (dual citizen of US/TW). It’s our first time traveling with our kid, and the first time since we’ve been married when we would enter together. We’ve entered the U.S. many times unmarriedly, never had any friction.

Someone suggested we might run into an issue, a family entering the US, two US citizens and a Taiwan national on a visa waiver/esta.

Even during Trump’s reign I didn’t have such issues, when we weren’t married. Though we didn’t enter at the same time.

Is this bound to be a thing?

Nope. I did it. Not a thing. In fact, wife got like 6 months’ expiration on entry date under visa waiver (yeah 6 months, we just smiled and said thank you, ha).
Only needed a few months as the visit was for just a summer.
Sleep easy.

I got shit in the UK when I went back with my wife and kids. When she went through by herself previously, nothing. More questions when we went back with the kids. Kept repeating many times that my wife can’t stay. Not the USA but it seems like all immigration officers are on the lookout for ‘risky’ travelers.

That’s good to hear, I take it she was on a b1?

Nope. Was the visa waiver/esta. We thought 6 months was kind of the customs officer, but it was 3 months more than was ever needed, ha.

Never a problem for my wife, who is not a US citizen. I take the whole family to the US citizens line.

Wow I didn’t even know they could do that. Did they require a return ticket?

I didn’t know you could do that. Last time I just went through the non citizen line with my wife. The officer didn’t say anything about it. I’ll have to try it in July when I go back. I actually have global entry but I’ve never been able to use it because I’m always with my wife and she doesn’t have it.

No you shouldn’t have any trouble. I didn’t when I entered with my wife and she had the ESTA.

They’ve never asked to see a return ticket at immigration, but they always ask how long we’ll be staying. And we always return.