USA version HTC Diamond Touch 3g - can I use 3G in Taiwan?

I have an American version HTC Diamond Touch unit I bought while I’m back in the states, but I’m not quite clear on whether or not I can actually use 3G in Taiwan. According to the specs I can find, even though they call it a Quad-band phone, the list the 3G spectrum as 850/1900 Mhz, whereas my understanding is that in Taiwan it’s 2100 Mhz. Can anyone give me a definitive answer on this? Even better has someone actually been able to use a US version Diamond Touch in Taiwan?

No 3G without 2.1 GHz band in Taiwan (or Japan). You will have 2G service in Taiwan.

For the first time a foreign made UMTS phone with 2.1 GHz will actually WORK in Japan… with a Softbank USIM. Of course, the service will be voice-only on a prepaid card. The irony of voice only on a 3G band.

I think that voice-only on a prepaid USIM is also true in the 'wan.

Thanks a lot muanola. :sunglasses: