USA vs Taiwan Who gives the shots Doctors or Nurses

Hello We are wondering. Here in Taiwan the nurses gives the shots for most things except for maybe weekly allergy shots.

What about the USA? In movies and TV shows, we see the doctors administering the shots. The nurses, not so much.
Is there a difference between the “injections duties” of doctors and nurses?

Nurses or pharmacists. Got my covid vaccine at a medical university from a student.

I’m not young, lived in U.S. nearly entire life, dealt with taking kids to Dr. many years, and I can’t recall doctors ever giving a shot in U.S. – always nurse or technician trained in giving shots, or if at pharmacy like @starla.986 says, perhaps a pharmacist.

Frankly I’d expect doctors would not generally do as well.


Only one shot in the us for me, an antibiotic. From canada and they were all nurses or something similar (ie. Not the doc).

I did, however, get a shot up through my ass and way up my spinal cord which was done by a surgeon. This was in taiwan. And the most painful experience of my life.

I don’t remember every having a shot from a doctor. Always nurse USA, Taiwan, couple others.

Just about anyone can give a shot in the US. I got my Covid vaccine doses from pharmacy techs— not even nurses or pharmacists. It’s also pretty common in the US for people who take regular shots (like insulin or testosterone) to do it themselves at home with the full blessing of their doctor. In Taiwan it seems to blow the mind of healthcare providers that any regular person might be capable of sticking a needle into themselves.


you shared quite a lot but now not enough. I can’t stop wondering which kind of shot needs to be shoved up your as and into your spinal cord.
Please ease our curiosity.

It’s a spinal tap, and it’s basically a surgical procedure even if it’s just needles. As there is very high chance of paralyzing someone from the waist down if done wrong. You will never ever see nurses doing that.

I think it’s to withdraw spinal fluids to see if there’s any issues with them.

Wasnt a spinal tap. I had a steroid (?) Shot about 1/3 up my spine. i have a collapsed disc/herniated disk as well as a cracked/broken/whatever vertebrae along with some muscle and bone damage all down that leg This caused insane pain all of a sudden above the usual. Had another big muscle in the ass that acted up at the same time. anyway, on apain level out of 10, it was 15. I have a really high pain tolerance but i was in bed for 4 days straight, no sleep, either screaming, swearing or crying before going to emergency eventually. It was tomb sweeping holliday so i waited out til the real docs got back to the hospital.

They injected just under the bone at the top of the crack and above your ass hole, the long needle goes up through the spine from there, took 15 mins, and they force in a bunch of their painful hate. You feel every mm of it. They were actually yelling at me and angry and saud not to move as it is dangerous. Which i understand. But fuck me, no way to control. I am not a strong guy but they had 2 nurses on each leg and 1 on either side holding me down and i still moved them. I apologized and asked them to strap my pegs down, because i just couldnt help it, and i was truly trying knowing full well it could damage my nerves. Strapped down, cursing like the girl from the excrocist, it was done. Afterwards was actually life changing. I can now totally understand how people being tortured will give up their family. Jesus.

Anyway, this was not done by the nurse, at least not controlling the needle, ultrasound etc. Farck me. If that was permanent, suicide is on the table for real.

And as to your likely next question, no i did.t.shit myself. I hadnt eaten for 4 days. None of them spoke when i got up to leave. I think the cursing in chinese and taiwanese kind of set them off a bit. I now wonder if this is what child birth is like…if so, i have a new respect for cat people.

Long story short, not all shots are done by nurses.

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Are they not supposed to give you sedatives or anesthetics for procedures like this? I know they do for spinal taps.

I only recieved a thing that made the skin numb. Which, to be honest, kind of pissed me off a bit more! Other than the needle prick being numbed, i felt every sing bit of cell and nerve puncture. I would never do it again, ever. Would almost prefer the wheelchair. But of course in reality would still do it…but maybe travel somewhere better.

Ironically, 2 weeks later, they gave me about 150 opiate type pills for pain. Still have them, but they make me truly high and retarded so i avoided the potential addiction. After 3 times i could understand the habit of that comfort. They keep asking if i want more though…

This is probably even a greater testament to your pain then the last post. Glad that’s over for you!

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By far the most shots I’ve given to myself. Beyond that, it’s always nurses, semi-nurses, or for Covid, a pharmacist.

May I ask why?

I enjoy being high and dumb, but I took an opiate once and hated it. My wife has had many opiates prescribed to her, and me more than a few. When we left the US we had to find a way to dispose of them as we both wouldn’t take them.

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Haha, i was thinking the same. I wanted to say i hope its just insulin, but thats pretty dark too…so, i hope its just a bar joke :slight_smile: diabetes and H arent fun ones.


Im not a big fan of retarded, high depends (i like ethanol). But i sure as shit do not want to see the bad end of an addiction with that group…have seen so many people go south, even death. It seems like the pain is actually better than the relief on this one, at least to me.

Psoriatic Arthritis. I took weekly injections of Enbrel for many years before moving to Singapore, losing weight, changing jobs, being more healthy, taking less, and, eventually, stopped taking it. When I started, I couldn’t tie my shoes. I may have to go on it again, but something in my diet and lifestyle is much more conducive to my health than 15 years ago.