Usage of the word "America"



I’ve never heard anyone say that either lol

I’ve heard,
that hamburger is hella big. (adv)
He’s a helluva guy (adj)

I’ve never heard,
He’s a hella guy.
That sounds stupid

ha, that’s hilarious. I learned the difference because we used to watch Canadian sesame street and the American version. I learned the differences early

But I guess the US is the odd ball here as the only English speaking country that pronounces it zee. I’m pretty sure Australia and NZ also say zed.

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I think the main factor working against “US American” becoming common usage is that it just sounds dumb, and it’s redundant to boot.

And “hella” is kind of dated usage. At least in the place it originated.

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‘US American’ is not a thing, has not been ‘around a while’. This thread is the first time I’ve ever heard this. Stop. America refers to the USA, period. Not once has anyone ever been confused about where someone is from when they say ‘I’m American’.


I am Canadian. While I am from the continent of North America, I am most definitely not an American.

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What we do is not who we are. Our names are not who we are. People from France can say we’re French. India? We’re Indians. When people want to refer to the people of a country they just alter the name of the country, but ours is weird that way. Burmese is just a way to refer to people, and I don’t have occasion to use words like Indonesian or American or German very often. Why/when? I don’t address entire populations en masse. I don’t think that way. I think of people first.
So yeah, it’s real, I didn’t invent it, and by all means, people should communicate as they see fit. US Americans gotta stick together.


Again, it boils down to the meaning you give to that word. USA has too much influence on how other English speakers (and not only English speakers) speak.

You are just and you just gave us an example of it, not any argument.

Is it because Asian, European, African are mostly descendants of people who lived there for a long time, but many people in Americas are defendants of people moved from other continents recently?

Yep, us Americans gotta stick together.


shouldn’t it technically be the United States of Americans? US of Americans, that sounds alright.

The United American States would make sense. Similar to The United Mexican States.

United States of America and United American States mean more or.less the same.thing. you guys are a group of states that are united and located within America.

Yankees always be pressing us. still wont acxept metric, instead having uneducated people (not saying they are dumb) build houses with 1/32 - 3/8 styled math. I mean seriously, a 2x4 isnt even 2" x 4"…time for old styles to die off.

It is worth stepping back and noticing the issues that sort of snowball an ego of various cultures. American doesnt actually mean a citizen of the States. Although it commonly does, especially where they have lots of influence. Measuring things in fractions and units of 12 is also quite quaint. Someone mentioned the UK being snobs…a pound is about as stupid as using stone. Metric now please, lets evolve haha.

That said, what would be the proper way to describe a citizen of the US? Seems certain regions have names that also dont work well, like Hong Kong. American, although wrongly used, is the easieat to say. How else would someone say “I am ____” for US citizens?

An American would say “I am American” which is the proper way for Americans. Someone else can say “You are gorbleglaaack” as far as I’m concerned, though it will be a short conversation.

Who’s pressing who here? Use what you like!


Hehe gorbleglaack it is then.

Ya it.isnt super important. But it is pretty interesting. Do any other countries use their continental as their way of identifying their nationality as well?

Except Ozzies, no I guess.

United Arab Emirates? Not a continent, but kind of generalised.

EDIT: No, they call themselves Emiratis.

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Americans don’t see The Americas as a continent, but two different ones.