USB-C in Taiwan? C17?

Yes and I wouldn’t be surprised if many brands buy them from the same factory.

USB 3.1 refers to the USB data transfer standard while USB Type-C refers to the connector type.

Do you have a picture of this cables?

Have you even had a working cable?


Once you suggested which question to ask, Samsung call centers in Taiwan and in Germany stated quiet clearly that Samsung’s so-called “USB-C” is a proprietary standard. It may or may not work with third- party plugs, even if the third party is a brand like Belkin or Sony (nothing to do with “fake” or low quality).

My working cables are from Thailand and Germany, but they were all Samsung original parts.

So it seems that the problem is not Taiwan has a different standard than others, Samsung does have a different standard than others.

USB-C is not a global standard, USB-C is a global mess.

If I have time and money I might travel to a place that sells Samsung original parts and test whether those work…
They don’t sell that kind of hi-so stuff in our local 五金行 :slight_smile:

Yes, electrically USB-C is quite a mess. But mechanically it should be no problem, except for possible interference with protection cases I mentioned above. Have you already rules that out?

Yes, i have ruled this out.
I have also tried whether it’s charging even you cannot fully insert the plug into the port. No, it’s not charging.

USB electrical issues and protocols are talking about the fact that it supports myiple protocols and you can’t really tell - usb 3, usb 3.1, usb pd, proprietary protocols, etc can all be supported via a usb c plug.

All usb c cables should, at min, support basic low power charging.

How is the cable not fitting? You need to physically check the port on your phone. Give it a blow, give it a swipe with a toothpick, etc.

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I had someone insert a non-Samsung USB-C into the port of a Galaxy S10, both bought in Thailand. It doesn’t fit. It can only be inserted 2mm, then it hits resistance and cannot be inserted the last 1mm, and there is no contact. Same as my problem.

It’s amazing how everybody - not only on this forum - told me this must be my fault, my phone must have a problem, my port must be damaged or dirty, my cable must be fake or not good.

I am quite capable of realizing that this plug is not made for this port.
Samsung uses proprietary ports and erroneously calls them USB-C. Once I figured this out, their call center agents admitted it.

BTW It’s equally amazing how everybody insists that USB-C is a “global standard” when a short googling tells me it’s not, it’s a mess.
Google also mentions that, in 2016/17, Samsung did plan proprietary ports. Before this, the Galaxy S5 did have proprietary cables and ports (not USB-C).

Where does this trust in Samsung and HiTech come from?

Did you try cleaning your port? Like, seriously.

Damn, I thought only Sony and Apple did shady BS like that.

Sorry but you are wrong.

Like @olm and maybe others already have told you it’s a bit messy when it come down to how much electricity in amp and voltage the different devices draws and not everyone is following the standard there, but the cabel always fits you might get a slower charge, but not a big problem when it comes to phones. Guess you will also find people having trouble with usb monitors. But in general USB-C connection is a blessing.

Think that was a USB-3 connection, anyway it did charge with a normal USB - micro cable.

Luckily I see less of that, I do have a new Microsoft tablet that use a proprietary charger. Someone made an adapter so I can charge it with USB-C, but still it’s annoying.


Sorry it doesn’t.

Isn’t it funny how people against very simple facts believe the propaganda of big companies?
(And Samsung doesn’t even say that you can plug other cables into their “USB-C” port - they are smart enough not to explicitly lie)

I went back and looked at your pictures - looks like you have some crud on the left side of your port. Seriously. Clean. Your. Port. It would cost Samsung more money to use a different port for Taiwan than they use for the rest of the world (ie they didn’t do it - it’s regular usb c).

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It doesn’t make me laugh so it can’t be very funny. Is there’s any correlation between simple facts and the propaganda of big companies?

You work for Samsung?

I have stated that by now we tried 4 different high-end (Galaxy S series) Samsung mobiles (one tablet), from Germany and Thailand, with 5 different non-Samsung cables. The cables don’t fit.

But for you, we will put our phones in the dish washer and try again.

One A30 from Thailand did accept a non-Samsung USB-C cable.

No, I don’t work for samsung. It looks pretty clearly like a usb c port though. But take a different picture - straight on. If it fits 2 mm in, it should fit, as the plug / port doesn’t taper. So let’s have a look at the rest of the inside to see what’s different about your port.

Also take a pict straight on, slightly angled, so we can see the pinout (the view you have now would be ok, but a little closer, focused better).

Edit: why are you asking if there’s different standards? Everyone is telling you know, but you don’t believe anyone?

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You are ama.
Yes, I realize everybody says it fits.
This is what I find impressive about this discussion.
Reminds me of the scene in “Life of Galileo”, where the monks refuse to look through the telescope because it cannot be that they see anything - so why should they take a look?
Unfortunately it doesn’t fit.

You know what’s amazing? You won’t give it a swipe with a toothpick after asking if there’s different standards and everyone saying no. :wink:

But seriously,.I’m willing to be convinced - like I requested, post up a straight on shot, and one where we can see the pinout.

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It’s still in the dishwasher

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Yes very true, I also think it’s funny how stubborn you are.

Good idea, make sure to dry it afterwards.

Have you actually tried different cables except form at the shop where you got the one you have now? The one in your picture looks a USB-C, but I wouldn’t be surprised it it’s something else. I you know someone else who have a USB-C device try connecting their cabel. Or buy one at your local family mart/7-11

Yes, tested 5 devices with 6 cables from 4 shops in 2 countries, tested by 3 persons. I wrote that. One shop was 燦坤, BTW.

Maybe it’s a Taiwanese carrot? Carrota taiwanensis type C? That’s probably why it came in a green box.
I should have bought an organic one.

2 friends in Thailand tried to connect their Samsung mobiles to their respective non-Samsung USB-C cables. Non-Samsung cable could not be inserted into Galaxy S10, but a different non-Samsung cable could be inserted into A30.