USB External Adapter Case for 2.5 HDD

I need to get a kit to convert a 2.5 HDD (internal laptop harddrive) into an external USB connected harddrive. I have one on mine right now, but the USB connection got jacked, and I really need the information on the harddrive. If you know, what I’m talking about, and where I might find one, let me know. Please include the address or directions from prominent landmarks cause I haven’t been here long. Thanks. :sunglasses:

Any computer store will have this. Best place would be Guanghua Shangchang just north of Zhongxiao-Xinsheng MRT station. Walk from the MRT north to Bade road and go into just about any store there.

Or NOVA. Go to Taipei Main Station on the MRT, take the exit for the Shinkong Mitsukoshi department store (I think it’s exit 4, but maybe it’s 6 or 7), and you’ll be at an intersection. Cross one way and you’d head back to TMS (big ugly concrete building); cross the other way and you’re in front of NOVA (flashy multi-entry electronics mall). Take your pick.