USB playing hard to get

My wife used a flashdrive to back up her iphone. It is called photofast one. She would stick it in her iphone and save photos on it. When it was full, i would stick the other end in my PC and save them. It has suddenly stopped working.

When i put it in the pc, it makes the dum dum sound but it doesnt show up. I have been watching some videos on youtube but what they say will work, doesnt.

Any ideas?

Throw it away, and restore file from backups.

Don’t have backups? You just learned a very important lesson. If you don’t backup your files, you don’t own it, but are leasing it from fate.

USB sticks do go dead from time to time, they’re also really cheap.

This was the back up.


If you say what you tried that’d help people know what not to suggest, but here’s what I’d do as my first steps:
Clean both sides of the computer connection (generally just blowing, but maybe more is needed)
Try a different computer.

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Has it been a while since you used it? I think flash memory get jumbled up if left idle for too long.

But there could be a million things that went wrong with it. If you got it to work, great, copy the file off and throw the thing away.

Or take it to Guanhua 6th floor and see what they can do.

Tried updating driver
Tried uninstalling the driver
Changed to a different usb port

I can go through device manager and see it listed.

Guanhua 6th floor then.

But just accept that your files are gone.

Nothing to do with the driver. If it won’t work on the phone, or your computer, it’s the USB stick. Probably dead controller, NAND data loss causing it to not know what to do with it (those chips need certain firmware to work), or whatever. No way to know what’s what, and it’s not worth trying to find out. It’s dead, Jim.

What else does device manager tell you about it?

This device is working properly.

But thenall the info is empty under the volumes tab.

Was she deleting the photos from her phone immediately after saving them on the USB stick then, before they were on the computer?

If so, it wasn’t really a backup. And if not, which is hopefully the case, nothing lost.

Agree that it would be worth trying a different computer if possible. And if that works, copy the files immediately and find a safer way to back them up (like cloud storage).

Pretty pointless trip then.


Can you see anything in command prompt?

You are right, not really a back up.

Command prompt? I just put that in the search and a black box came up. No idea what i am looking for.

Have you tried sticking it somewhere else?


No other comp here. I will try tomorrow. Just put it in my wife’s phone and that doesnt detect it either.

The command prompt is a black box, old school. Before there was windows, we had to type commands. This is still available and puts you closer to the hardware. When you get the command prompt, type the name of the drive.

Been a while for me, but “E:/”?

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Could be a hardware failure with the drive, then. Might still be recoverable if you take the drive apart

Just tried. It says path not found.

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Like @TT said, what I was getting at is whether you can see the list of files on the drive in command prompt, because that should allow you to copy them over.

I had some success a couple of years ago with some recovery software called TestDisk. That was for a regular hard drive, but similar symptoms. Don’t expect me to give step-by-step instructions though (because I don’t remember — just fumbled my way through :man_shrugging:). Unless something has changed since then, it’s free but command-prompt-based.

Why not just just backup phone via USB cord directly to the computer? In my opinion, once these devices mess up once, I don’t trust them twice.

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