Used bikes and/or VCR and/or computer

:help: I have asked local people where I can get a used bike, but they don’t seem to mention any flea markets or such. Do people have garage sales here, or is there a flea market? I need a used mountain bike and a used VCR (possibly new if it’s not too expensive). Where do people get used things in general?

I’ve got a Giant NSR2 mountain bike for sale.
It’s in mint condition…hardly ever used.

I know a couple of places you can buy 2nd hand bicycles, but they’re a bit hard to describe, location-wise. They’re near my house, though, so I could show you one day if you like.

A small one is on Heping W Rd opposite the entrance to the Botanical Gardens. There are a couple of bigger ones in Wanhua, just South of Ximending. I can’t remember what street they’re on though, but if you’re good with maps, try this description - a North-South Street, which lies East of Longshan Temple, West of Zhonghua Rd and South of Ximending.

As for the VCR, the place for 2nd-hand appliances and furniture is the few streets around Xiamen St, and Chungqing S Rd, just to the South of Heping W Rd, under and around the Overpass that leads up to the Zhongzheng Bridge to Yonghe. If you’re on foot, that owuld be a 10 minute walf from Guting Station. Walk W along Heping W RD and turn left at Xiamen St, which will be the 3rd road you cross.