Used car sites needed for Dubed driver

Hello motorheads,
I am looking for a site that has used automobiles to browse on the internet in Taiwan. What I am looking for is a little Honda that is good on gas and reliable. What honda models could I pick up that are 4-6 years old. I am mostly a fan of VW’s but I am not sure if they are that many on the island and the costs of parts would probably be a little too expensive. Also, is their a site where foreigners sell cars for quasi emabassy folk? The picture on my left is a VR6 engine which has been modified to around 300 hp. And if you are into VW’s at all then check out The best VW site with over 150,000 members.


Edit Pic MK3 Jetta Vr6

You can check out:


If you’re a Honda enthusiast (or I should say car enthusiast in general), you’ll be disappointed when you see what you can get in Taiwan for a reasonable price.

In the 4-6 year range, you’re mainly looking at:

Locally built by SanYang:
6th generation Civic Sedan & Hatchback
US spec 6th generation Accord Sedan
1st generation CRV

Japan built by Honda:
3rd generation Legend (Acura 3.5RL in the US)
S2000 (if one of the 30 or so on the road is up for sale)

Then, there are a handful of other models that were imported by individuals, but those are pretty hard to find.

Good luck!