Used Furniture in Taichung or nearby

Hello Everyone, I live in Ching Shui near Taichung

I’m looking for some used furniture for my Study Library. I am near Taichung.
Looking for a Love Seat, some book shelves and cabinets, some nice end tables,
a desk, and a nice Oriental Carpet to top all off. I want to design a new warm
comfortable study, and any advice and help would be great, even design help
is welcome. thanks


There are some used furniture stores near Fengjia night market. I think they are just next to the sushi place at the corner of Fu-xing and He-nan roads. I haven’t bought anything there, but I did see them.

But what I recommend is going to one of the furniture stores at the top of the hill (taichung harbor road and you-yuan road area) and see what they have. Sometimes you can get a good deal on new furniture that is on clearance sale. I recently bought a living room set of teak for a VERY reasonable price.

cheap oriental rugs are availble at B&Q. I recommend the thinner kind that are produced in Belgium by machine because they can be washed in a washing machine. Sometimes you will see street vendors with these. If you want a “real” oriental rug, there might a shop near Fengjia night market where you can get one, but expect to pay a lot. Sometime Carrefour or Geant will have rugs too.

Cabinets and stuff like that are pretty easy to come by at Carrefour or Geant. I noticed the last time I was at Geant near Tunghai that they have a delivery service now. If you spend a certain amount, the delivery is free. The stuff is not high quality, but will last for a couple of years. In fact, this is why it’s hard to find second hand cabinets and stuff like that. If you want to find some really nice things, there are a few antique shops. If a cabinet has been around longer than you have, chances are it will last until you are gone.

oh… by the way… sometimes people will throw away old furniture. This is the time for treasure hunting in Taiwan, just after Chinese new year. People and shops will just leave things outside on the street. You might be able to find some old cabinets or bookshelves that just need to be refinished, painted, or cleaned up.

that was a great message, thanks for all the advice and places
to go, I went to Hola and picked up a oriental rug, and then went
to B and Q and found some other great stuff also. thanks for
the great advice !