Used Musical Equpment Shop

Are there any stores that carry used amps and effects. I’m looking for a POD or maybe a Pandora but don’t want to pay so much for it as I will use it for practicing. I do have an amp but there’s no headphone jack for it and the neighbours complain about the loud noises coming from my house.
Thank you

Tony’s Music often has used stuff. Sorry, don’t know the address. Go along Heping E. Rd and cross Jilong Rd at the MRT station. Continue on Heping until you’re one block from the next MRT station. There you’ll find yourself at a star-shaped intersection rather than a regular crossroads. Turn sharp right, go down the street for 20 yards and the store’s on your right. Its quite large but doesn’t have a regular storefront, as the ground floor is mainly for PA and lighting rig rentals. Go in past the drums and up the stairs at the back. Used pedals, multi-effects, etc.

neighbours complain about the noise? …take another swig from that bottle of JD, another toke from that joint, turn the amp up to 11 and wail like jimi would…

seriously tho’ sandman is right…tony’s (aka the old dunhuang) has a fair amount of gear at good prices…might find a nice wah wah pedal there as well to get the neighbours grooving

I have the website for Tony’s Music aka ATB Music. Just click and you’ll go there. If you can’t read chinese, just look at the Internet Explorer status bar at the bottom to check where the links go. There’s a link for 2hand gear…

That list is really long, but I saw:


The price is 2/3 the way down the list.

PS: When u go to the store, check out the humidity controlled back room for all the high end bass guitars… It’s really nice!

Thanks alot

2 Fender Coranados for NT$66k and NT$90k respectively ?!?! WTF?! Those 2 particular guitars have been in the shop for years, and at that price, no wonder!

I did however buy a 2nd Martin D35 from them for only NT$22k… :smiley:

I bought a Zoom 505 Pedal for 2500 new. Much better for my needs than a pandora. Thanks for the info I even met Jacky Wu there…from the Jacky Show

Does anyone know of someone interested in an ESP custom explorer? C/W Floyd,hardcase and effects board with 6 pedals. There were only 200 ever made and I don’t think there are any in Taiwan.

My email is if interested.

Serial # 21937 Great Condition! Have a look:



On the way to Alleycat’s last night I passed by a shop on Chinshan South Road between Zhongxiao and Renai, called Gallaxy. They had some nice stuff. One that caught my eye was a Shecter Diamond Series semi-acoustic I didn’t have time to talk to the sales people, but it sure was pretty. They had three prices listed, but the biggest one said 13,800. I hope that’s the price.

They had some Gibson Les Pauls, lots of Fenders, a six string bass. Cool.

What I really want to get is a Les Paul Junior for slide work. Or even better an old Kay electric cos it wails with a slide.