Used too many 90-day landing visas?


I came to Taiwan on a 90 day landing visa (upon entry), then did a visa run for another 90 day landing visa. Then I became a full-time student and now have a 60 day student (visitor visa it says in passport) as I gave Admissions letter to office in BKK from my school etc++. My school semester ends in May, but wanting to travel to visit some friends just a few days before 60 day visa is up, and therefore just come back on a 90 day again and not plan to study anymore, though finish my semester.

My question is, have I used too many 90 days visas already? You think I will be able to return and get 90 days at the airport again?

(90 day landing visa - 90 day landing - 60 day visitor visa - and then another 90 landing visa?)

Thank you for your help,

no limit currently on how many 90 day visa you can get, as long as you never over stay

Wow! That’s amazing!! Thank you!!

What about limits on the 90 days + extensions (Canadian) visa exemptions? Is it ok to land on a 90 day visa exemption, start studying, do a visa run after like a week, then get an extension (total~190 days) or will they not grant extensions to consecutive visa exemptions?

When you leave your clock is reset.

The 90 days thing is NOT a landing visa. It is a visa-exempt entry. It’s a completely different thing. That’s also the reason why it can only be extended under special circumstances.

Okay cool, I realize now it’s not a landing visa, but visa exempt. But with the 90 day visa exempt, it’s still okay to enter and exit multiple times? I want to study at another school in a couple of months, so will be traveling a little back and forth now…

You don’t like to take yes for an answer, do you? :smiley: