Useful Apps thread

Share some useful Apps on the phone or computer/tablet that you find and use.

I use Grammarly on chrome. It helps correct grammatical mistakes. Premium version will even help you choose better words.

I also use Zero on the apple apps store to keep track of my intermittent fasting.

Home Budget for the envelope budget
Lose it for weight loss
Flipboard for reading news


AnyApp for recipe collection and grocery shopping.
tcCal for video editing
Serving Sizer for recipes

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juiceSSH for those who needs to fix things remotely.

RealCalc is a great engineering calculator

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McDonalds Taiwan and KFC Taiwan. Very helpful if you’re hungry.


eInvoice (雲端發票) by eCloud mobile. If you live in Taiwan and is tired of handling all those invoice receipts, this app lets you manage electronic invoices. I use this every day.

It has two widgets, one is just your eInvoice bar code. The other lets you scan any bar code and call them up on your screen when you need them.

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Not sure who this will help, but Clue is far and away the best menstrual cycle tracking app I’ve ever used.


Universes. Split your universe with a purpose. Just make sure you’re willing to do either of the choices you make. My first one, without thinking it thru, was 1) pay the check for lunch, or 2) run without paying. Thankfully my present self paid the check. My other self is a criminal.

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It’s like Schrodinger’s cat

CamCard - business card organizer. Gets all info automatically just using your mobile camera
Be my eyes - help blind people by receiving a phone call
Player FM - great app for podcasts. I’ve used many and found this one the best
One currency - currency converter. Even allows you to choose which bank to use for exchange rates
Turbo Alarm - alarm app. Highly customizable, with different methods to turn off or snooze an alarm
Toshl Finance - track your expenses. Generates great reports by different categories, accounts and others
Docfy - scan documents to pdf. Fix lights and distortions as well


Be my eyes is pretty cool idea. Have you helped anyone yet?

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Yes. There are many more helpers than blind people, but I still get calls from time to time.


I downloaded a app called Elevate. You plays games that’s suppose to keep your mind sharp.

MixerBox TV: Taiwan’s news channels, sports, entertainment, and more, Live broadcasts.

Old Time Radio Player: listen to radio shows when there wasn’t TV. Abbott & Costello, The Shadow, and much much much more. Great to fall asleep to. Your parents will like it too. My dad (in 70s) listens to it every night to fall asleep. Brings back his childhood memories.

Star Walk 2: point smartphone into sky and see what stars, etc. should be there (if not for pollution, etc.). Educational for children and adults.

Zello: kind of a mix between CB and short-wave. Excellent on the ground reports from disaster areas. Random people chatting from around the world.

Relevant Radio: Prayers, Daily Readings, etc. Can recite/listen to the Rosary while driving or cycling

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Read Aloud as a chrome plug in. It reads aloud the texts you have. Very useful to absorb info.

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I guess this plugin is only for desktop, no?

I think so, I just downloaded for my desk top. But it would be helpful to have this on the phone. Can listen to something going to work and more.

And along that line Ubereats and foodpanda if you don’t want to leave your house. XD

I suppose most guys haven’t got a Clue. :grin:

But what app do you use to keep track of your intermittent fisting?

The MRT and KMRT apps can be useful if you’re in a hurry.

Actually I know a couple of guys who keep track of their wife/girlfriend’s period using an app. It helps them better plan vacations, trips, activities, etc. Seems kind of weird but it makes sense.

I’m sure someone is going to use this to comment about how they’d use it to plan trips away from their wife during that time. Boring, we get it, you hate your wife.

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