Useful websites 2019

Ok, I’ve looked all over and found nothing, so I’m opening this topic.

What websites have you found useful in 2019?

Here’s one I just found.

Here’s the deal. Suppose you’re shopping on Amazon and find a product you’re interested in perhaps buying. You paste the url of the product page from Amazon into fakespot and press Enter. Fakespot will analyze patterns in the reviews, strip out those it identifies as fake, and return a new aggregated review score.

It doesn’t work with every website, it seems (there’s a list at the link).

Example. Amazon rates this 4.5/5 based on >8.6k reviews. Fakespot says no, it’s a “C.”


A way to fix the “This video is not available in your region” problem.

Online whiteboard, can sketch stuff anytime/anywhere and has many useful tools


I like the image editor
It is similar to Photoshop or Gimp, but free and online.
However, you need to run Flash, so it may not work on mobile.


There’s also another one that one specific Forumosean would like:
It’s a tool that lets you write notes that can self-destruct after a recipient reads them. You can also schedule self-destructs and have your notes expire after a set time.

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Here’s one that I just assumed everybody knows about (or similar). Comes in handy for those websites that insist you enter your email to participate, even though you only want to visit or you simply suspect you’ll be spammed if you give them an email address that you actually use.

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