Usefull Government Sites?

Any usefull government sites you can tell me about ? Thanx.

Hi NrG,

There are several that I have listed on my website, go to:

But please note most of them have not been arranged very well. But there are only about 50 listed so it shouldn’t take much time.



See also

Don’t miss this one, E-government service.

I am looking at a list of about 70 sites that came out of a page in the phonebook, I think. Most of them are government agencies like for example.

Here’s a couple of ones that you don’t find much:
has everything you need on Taiwan-related documents.
is the Who’s Who of Taiwan.
is an interesting search engine for Taiwan stuff.

Great - Thanks again

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Don’t miss this one:

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Motor Vehicle Supervision Department (with online driver’s test) in English:考_frm.htm