Useless cops around the world

Anyone have some amusing stories about useless/crooked cops in their country?

I saw 2 guys going at it with fists on the street yesterday evening, broad daylight on the busiest street in my city in China. There was a crowd of about 20 on-lookers. A uniformed cop walked by, watching the fight as he goes. Didn’t pause for a second, or even seem to care, he just watched it passively and kept going about his very leisurely stroll.

Yeah, whatever. For every useless cop in the world, there’s one going above and beyond the call of duty. It all balances out.

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I got one: saw a cop took down a hispanic kid in the states here and trying to arrest the guy. Lady pulls out her camera phone screaming police brutality. Once the kid is subdued, cop pulls out some knives in his pockets and turns out he was wanted for robbery from up the street.

To quote Daniel Craig in Defiance:

Try fucking being one.