Using a UK Xbox 360 in Taiwan

Hi there,

Could anybody on this board tell me if I can use a UK Xbox 360 in Taiwan please? If so what are the difficulties and how can they be overcome? I guess I will need to buy a Taiwanese power lead and will be restricted to playing UK games because of the Pal/NTSC factor but if anybody could give me some further advice on this issue I would be most grateful, thanks.

Well, it should work ok as long as you get a modern TV here, i.e. LCD/Plasma.
The power is a problem, as I don’t think you can buy an Xbox 360 power brick off the shelf. You might be able to pick up a cheap transformer here though, not sure how much they are, but I’d guess around NT$3-5k.
And yes, you would be limited to UK (European) games in most instances, but not always.
Not all games are region coded, you can find a list here - … -84-1.html
The Taiwan region is NTSC-J (same as Japan) so don’t expect US games to work.
Hope this helps

Just get it chipped. My PS2, XBox and Xbox 360 are all chipped. I can play any game from any region, and even play the horrid little 100 Baht copies from Bangkok.

Thanks or your responses guys. Yes the inability to buy the the power block is the limiting factor. I’m a little bit cautious about dodgy, Asian transformers for fear that I might have a smoking Xbox on my hands.

I would consider chipping but I read that if this is done you can’t use Xbox live. Is this true?

Oh, come on, where do you think most transformers are made?
It’s better than plugging it in to the three phase 220V AC out least, as that will for sure smoke it sooner or later.

And yes, you will get banned sooner or later from Live if you chip it, especially as Microsoft has started to ban more consoles recently.