Using anime with English dubbing?

Anyone tried using Anime with English dubbing and subtitles with kids?

I thought it would be interesting given kids’

interest in cartoons
japanese stuff

Where can one buy good anime on the Internet?


The Disney Channel has a few Japanese shows with English on the SAP. One is called Bu Bu Cha Cha. It’s a cute show but the English is really strange.

If you’re looking for stuff in English, try Amazon and dig around in their anime section. If you look at DVDs, be careful, though - might be region encoded - but videotapes are a safe bet as long as they’re NTSC.

Lots of anime movies are available now (some a decade or more after their original release). Disney bought up the distribution rights to a lot of Hayao Miyazaki’s stuff (Princess Mononoke, etc.). But your kids might already have seen some of these.

There’s lots of short-length stuff available too. Last time I was back home, I noticed all the DVD/video stores had huge anime collections, and the Cartoon Network played hours of anime in English almost every night in their “Adult Swim” program. Even showed FLCL (um, my avatar).

Since I’m not an anime expert, which kind is suitable for children?


Show em one or a few of the “Animatrix” cartoons. It will knock their socks off. LOL.

P.S. - I was just kidding. Maybe the “Animatrix” would pass for older students, but it’s definitely too intense for the younger ones. Still an awesome series of anime cartoons though. :notworthy:


Also, a lot of local stores have tons of anime, and in my experience most of them have english subs, but 50/50 on having english dubs. Your best bet for an online store is an, but like as was stated above, the region encoding could be a problem, unless you somehow have access to a region-free DVD player.

For younger kids, I’d reccommend the following:

  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Monkey Magic
  • Gundam (not for the youngest of the young, more for maybe 8 and up)
  • of course the highly popular “Pokemon”
  • Digimon
  • Monster Rancher
  • Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Card Captors

I think I mentioned this before, but the Anamatrix sucks.

To each his own, Richard. And BTW, Star Trek sucks.

I also loved “Revolutions”, so flame away. I get that a lot. :sunglasses:

I didn’t mean to flame. I am just angry that I spent 80 bucks to rent the Anamatrix when I could have, for the same money, bought at least two beers in the Philippines.

I haven’t seen Revolutions yet. Hopefully it will be on DVD soon.

It’s all good. Again, to each his own. Believe me, as a matrix fan the backlash, critical and popular, from “Revolutions” was pretty harsh. Oh well. Haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“SteveZeAuthor”]For younger kids, I’d reccommend the following:

  • Dragon Ball Z
    When JSTV was still publicly available in the old days of the european ASTRA satellites, there was a warning before each show of Dragon BallZ that the program was not suitable for young children…

Beside Chibi Maruko chan, Pokemon and all those, I would always recommend Studio Ghibli productions. Who wouldn’t know “Totoro”?

However, anime in anything else than the original Japanese simply s…

SteveZeAuthor: thanks for the help.

It’s a great starting point.


No problem Ken.

I’m sure it will capture the students’ attention, but the problem is the dubbed English is usually awful. I think the best course is to use anime to learn Japanese. There are lots of English cartoons around.