Using FrontPage

I am in the process of setting up my own website. It will be simple, about 5 pages including home page. From the reading I have been doing I will have to format the pages using HTML tags. I am using Front Page to do this. I have begun two pages. Do I still have to format the pages using HTML? It seems to already be done. I am using cells on a background to get the effect I want.

Any comments on using Front Page would be appreciated.

Frontpage is for dummies (which is why I use it). It does everything for you. Just do your pages; FP saves it as it needs to be saved.

BTW, there are loads of FP forums out there. … age+forums

Thanks a lot. I am a dummie too so I want to buy Front Page for Dummies to get me through setting up my site. Unfortunately all the bookstores that I have checked to not have it.

I will have to redirect my searches. I have been doing a lot with trying to understand html but now it seems just getting to understand what Front Page can do will suit my purposes.

Thanks again

Use those forums. The book will be a waste of money.

I will definitely use the forums for information. Why is the book a waste of money?

Cause I’ve bought a Dummies book and the one I bought SQL for Dummies told me nothing I could not have learned online.