Using indoor air quality monitors

As part of our quest to find out the cause for Bobby’s cough, the kind folk at Taida Vet Hospital gave me an air quality monitor to set up at home. I have to take some readings in several parts of the house, plus a 24 hour one. I set it up in our bedroom, as it is the place the pets spend most of the time in winter.

This monitor seems focused on the pm 2.5 and the readings have me a bit worried. Earlier today it was OKish, a low number and a blue light. I just woke up as a red light is flashing and I notice the number doubled up.

I do not want to turn on the air filter as I do not want to alter the readings in any way. But I am curious as to whether we have found something with this.

After some Internet search, I discovered that the red light means the air is harmful to anyone around it. That we have this reading in my bedroom is quite worrisome. What puzzles me is what can cause such readings at 6am.

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Maybe door closed trapping air, or air or heater coming on, neighbors starting equipment like water heater or cooking, or scooter or car starting up outside.

You know that in many cases air indoors is worse than outside.

It is bad. The issue is that it I s coming like a wave from outside, the backside to be precise. Yes, it is where the other neighbors have kitchens and stuff but there was no significant change in readings at noon nor at dinner time. It is like a sudden jump.

There was a moment like around 4 pm today while I was making the readings in the bathroom that it jumped to 80… And then dropped to 40, 30 and normal. So I am thinking maybe a neighbor smoking a cigar or something equally nasty.

I have seen today that my school bought an indoor air quality detector

TPCON tpcon air quality detector c4htp

Obviously it costs only 400 NT… Do you have one? Is it accurate?

It looks small, well designed, easy to plug onto a USB, and the display is very clear

Not yet. The ones I have seen on the Internet are more expensive.

Wonder if in Guanggua or any place like that they can be found.