Using International Driving license in Taiwan

Hello guys
Hope y’all doing well
I have a question: So I currently got a job in Taipei, and I am planning to ride a motorcycle <250cc to go to the office. Can I use my international driving license?
Because I checked on the website, it says all the schedule is fully booked till D-day and I am afraid I wont have time to take the test in the future.
Thank you and Stay safe all !

You can use the international for up to six months.
But you still have go to your local Taiwanese DMV and register your international driving license. It doesn’t take too long.

Depends on what country your license was issued in. For example, for most European licenses you can use an international for the first month after entry and after that get it stamped at the DMV to use for up to a year, if I remember correctly you need to have an ARC with at least a years validity when issued. You can verify at the DMV. Remember if you do not have a valid license not only can you be fined, your insurance will also likely be invalid.

So if I have my local driving license (from my country) and international driving license stamped from dmv everything will be okay right?

Yes, once they accept and stamp the license you’re good for the period they give you.