Using internet when traveling overseas

My hotel in the USA advertises in room Modem for T1 line for $10/week. If I take my ADSL equipped notebook there, what else do I need to use the internet services? I know that I will need a cable adaptor to connect where the DSL connects now. Do I also need an ISP?

Don’t think so, that will be part of the package provided by the hotel, i.e. they pay subscription and offer the connectivity.

You will not need an ISP, the hotel will provide all the service. You will usually just need an ethernet port which is probably what you use to connect to your ADSL modem. You should call the hotel to ask what the requirements are.

You shouldn’t need your ADSL modem. Unless the place has a really weird setup, all you will need is to plug their Ethernet cable into the Ethernet socket on your laptop.

You might want to bring your own cable just in case they don’t provide one – call ahead and find out if you need one, and if so, whether it’s a regular or crossover cable. (Probably regular, and they probably provide it, but better to check just in case.)

Yes, done it dozens of times – you don’t need anything. But, I always take short (easy to pack) Ethernet, cross-over and phone cables. And, even if you don’t take these things (sounds like you’re going to Lost Wages for COMDEX?), you’ll be in the land of milk and honey – anything you need is readily available.