Using my Taiwan bought mobile in the UK


I’m returning to the UK for a holiday and want to know if I can take my Taiwanese bought Nokia and use it with a UK SIM card or are they region locked?


Phones can be locked to only take SIMs from a certain phone company, but that’s not so common here. I’ve used my Taiwan phone in the UK with a UK SIM card before. With 2 different phones too I think.

I was home at Christmas and my mobile worked fine. Text messages sent back here weren’t too epensive either. I’m with Zhong Hua Telecom. Didn’t try it with a UK sim though.

Can confirm that my experience is that I have never had any problems. When you buy a UK SIM get them to check it works in the phone first (assistant checked their own SIM in my phone) - most places will do this for you no problem.

Doesn’t the band have something to do with it working too? I have an account with Taiwan Cellular and my phone worked perfectly fine in the States this Christmas, both in calling people and having people call (apparently no one even realized I was out of the country). I got picked up by a local company (who subsequently welcomed me to America and hoped I would enjoy my stay) and the cost actually wasn’t too bad.

Yeah, but as long as it’s a newish phone it should be dual-band or even triple-band, and thus work in most countries without a problem (assuming there is a roaming agreement in place between operators).