Using Quicken to track your NT$


Does anyone use Quicken/Quickbooks to track their personal finances? I am stateside at the moment, but will be arriving in a few months, and I was wondering how people dealt with keeping track of their personal finances if they have both US$ and NT$. Like, if I get paid in NT$, and transfer cash to my home checking account which is in US$, are there any tricks to doing so?



Dunno about Quicken, but if you run Palm OS gadgets (PDAs) I wrote a program to let me track expenses or income in NT$ or US$ and automatically convert to US dollar equivalents for my records. You can view your expenditures by category as well (kinda depressing at times, though!). I haven’t posted the program on my Web site yet because it’s really just something I hacked together really roughly (no graphics or anything pretty) to suit my own needs, although since you can customize the currencies I guess anyone who was traveling could potentially use it if they wanted to.



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