Using Steam in Taiwan

Does anyone use Steam in Taiwan?

I’m considering buying my first game using a USA account and using here in Taiwan.

Have a Mac and PC but haven’t decided which one to use.

Steam may have region locks.

Before I went back to the states I pre ordered Final Fantasy XIII-2. Then when I got to the states it wouldn’t work! I had to ask for a refund.

I do. Use a PC. It doesn’t really matter where the account is based.


You can use a VPN to activate steam keys from other regions.

Occasionally Taiwan Rail puts on a commemorative steam train. And I think some of the coal based power plants still use steam as a heat transfer radium for power generators.

Maybe some air conditioner cleaning people also use steam?


Using an old German account here. No issues.

Steam, the online video game store :stuck_out_tongue:


Steam, the original motive force that set the industrial revolution alive!

Also used to great effect for general sterilization and also for ironing clothes!

That’s recreational for some people. Weird people.

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I’ve been eyeing one of these recently

Steam, tends to keep moisture in better than in traditional ovens and cooks more evenly

I think some games have different versions based on the region they are bought in.

You can play games bought with a USA account in Taiwan, I did it for my first 2 years. Games tend to be cheaper if you buy them with a Taiwan account though. At least they were when I made the switch 2 years ago.

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I use it here. I guess I use a Taiwan account, since prices are in NT$, but all the text I see is in English. With a Mac - works fine. Only significant issue is 2019’s new Mac operating system stopped supporting 32-bit apps, which means some older Steam games will no longer work when I eventually update. You may need to be a touch careful because some of those games do still show up if you search the shop.

I’ve only used it on a desktop computer, so I wouldn’t know if there are problems with suddenly trying to use the games in another region. I’ve never noticed anything about region locks in different forums.

Oh, another issue was Steam let me buy a game that was Windows only. Oops. To their discredit, they should have had some kind of warning telling me I was being an idiot (which I was). To their credit, they processed a refund instantly.

Question: does it matter if you use Windows or Mac? My impression is if you buy the game, you’ve got it, and can use it on either platform. But I’ve never investigated that and may have it totally wrong.

Yall know a lot of games are cheaper when you buy from the Taiwan store, right? Temtem is 40usd when you buy from the US store, but its only 500ntd here.

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I don’t believe steam checks to see if you are running Windows or Mac when you buy a game. I’m not fully sure though as I use Windows. I do know some games only work with certain platforms and they have a search function to help you find games that work with Mac.

You are correct though if you buy a game you can use it on either system as long as the game supports that system.

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Nope, they don’t. As you say, they’ve got a search function that can help: I’ve got my store set up to see only Mac games - you can do that, and I think I’ve got some levels of search set up to see only Mac. My mistake was one day reading a good review, checking Steam, seeing it was there, assuming “Oh good, it’s available for me!”, and buying. So whatever I did that day bypassed my usual Mac-only search.

Again, credit to Steam for immediately processing a refund. Mild discredit for not actually telling me it’d been processed; I had to wait and see what happened with the credit card bill.

I use steam on both MAC and Windows (MAC bootcamp) - no issues - don’t need a VPN and downloads work fine

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I keep a few buckets lying around for times like these