Using Taiwanese Compatriot pass/USA passport in China

This is a repost after being suggested by one member of the chinese-forums to better help me out with this issue:

I am currently hold two passports: USA and Taiwan.

I used my USA passport to enter Taiwan, and then used my Taiwanese passport/compatriot pass to enter in China (it’s much easier to enter let alone work in China with a Taiwanese compatriot pass as opposed to the USA passport). Currently, I’m still in China.

In a few months I want to visit the states for a few weeks.

I was told that in order to visit the states from China, I need to first go through Taiwan (using Taiwanese passport/compatriot pass), in order to go to the states (using USA passport from Taiwan to USA). Similarly, when I return to China from the states, I will need to go through Taiwan again en route to China.

Is it possible that I just fly directly from China to the states without going through Taiwan? I was thinking of using my USA passport to enter the states and my Taiwanese passport/compatriot pass to enter China and leaving the states.

However, I heard that this might be problematic, as I was told that the people checking my passports will find it suspicious if I enter the United States (non-stop flight from China) if they don’t see on my USA passport any record of entering China, but only of entering Taiwan (since I used my Taiwanese passport/compatriot pass to enter China).

And if and when I return to China directly from the states using my Taiwanese passport/compatriot pass (because it’s easier to enter the China using the Taiwanese passport/compatriot pass), would USA find it problematic if I left USA without any record of entering USA on my Taiwanese passport/compatriot pass (since I used my American passport to enter USA).

It seems like entering/leaving USA should be okay but the problem would be re-entering China. Some of you mention it might be problematic in such a way that China only recognizes 1 passport. My Taiwanese compatriot pass/passport was issued in Hong Kong, but still, I guess China recognizes as one of China’s document. Do you think it’s possible that China won’t let me back in the country if they see that I have BOTH the Taiwanese compatriot pass/passport and US passport? I’m pretty sure they’d find out that I have both when they ask how I got to USA in the first place – I would show that I used my US passport to fly to to US.

So China only recognizes the Chinese passport for its Chinese citizens – what about people with both Taiwanese compatriot pass/passport AND a USA passport. Does China apply the same restriction such that the Taiwanese compatriot pass/passport must be the only passport? The Chinese and Taiwanese compatriot pass/passport are different documents – but will they be treated the same way? Will they not want me to also have a USA passport?

I kind of don’t want to take any risks. I’m currently working in China and I don’t want things to be complicated. But if someone can verify that this would be okay, that’d be great

I know this is sort of a complicated and specific situation, but it’s hard to find information on this. Thanks for the help!