Using your Palm OS PDA to Learn Characters

I wanted to offer to share some tips with you all. I use the flashcard program KingHanzi by Gakusoft to study my Chinese characters. Get the demo at (traditional or simplified available). It even lets you practice writing the characters on your palm instead of using a seperate pen and paper. It comes with all the vocab from the “Practical Chinese Reader” series.

This may be great if that is the book you are using. At Cheng Kung University in Tainan we use “Practical Audio-Visual Chinese” instead. KingHanzi comes with extra software to let you make your own vocab files to practice with. I have made vocab files for the first 6 chapters of book 1 (more on the way) and I would be willing to freely share them with anyone who would find them useful. No sense in duplicating all the effort. Just email me:

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I now have vocab files for the first 13 chapters!

The Japanese version of this program is superb, highly reccomended…i am waiting to see if they do a chinese version for the ‘too big for a pocket’ pc…my desktop.