USPS bizarre shiping route US to TW


Your average USPS mailman.

Your average UPS/Fedex/DHL deliveryman.



“Your item departed a transfer airport in NEWARK INTERNATIONAL, NEWARK, UNITED STATES on July 14, 2018 at 6:10 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.”

So I am guessong it is now in the air somewhere over the Atlantic. Hopefully it wont land at another US location.


Interesting if they had a real-time updatable address or info associated with this package it might save them and you time and money.

Right now they are wasting fuel and resources shipping it randomly around the US.


They do. And I have confirmed the correct address. The post office confirmed over the phone that the “container” it was put in included packages heading via the eastern route. It is all by chance…East or West.

Well its not like they chartered a flight just for my package. There are hundreds of other packages with mine, so it is not a waste. The package is put into a large shipping container full of other packages.

They also confirmed via phone that the 4 day delay in Boise was in part due to one package in that shipping container being flagged by US customs for inspection (not mine though). That means the entire shipping container along with all the different packages inside gets delayed for that one red flag.


How is it not wasting fuel?


Because the plane its on is not flying just to deliver one package.

Its like getting on a train heading to Kaohsiung and saying they are wasting fuel / resources because it is stopping off along the way to drop off and pick up passengers in Taichung and Tainan etc.

The plane, in this case, is heading in that direction for many packages.


If you had too many packages doing this it will waste a lot of fuel.
The other problem is of course that it is slow.


But if they added a flight to transport a small number of packages by the fastest route, that could also waste fuel.


Yeah I know that.

The point is that too many packages in the wrong direction is a mess and wasteful.

And it’s suboptimal for timing .

At the minimum they should not be going backwards.



This is beyond stupidity now.

Just got this notification this morning:

“Your item departed a transfer airport in INTERNATIONAL, SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES on July 16, 2018 at 2:45 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.”

So it is STILL in the continental US.
It went from Boise Idaho (midwest) to Virginia (East) to New York (North East) to San Franciso (West).


It has passed through so many places I am very worried the probability of it being damaged or wrecked is pretty much certain now.


I have a similar issue recently.
Ordered a parcel from India on eBay.
The first parcel hit the post office there and was dispatched to their international office.
It then disappeared , it’s been over 6 weeks.

I ordered a small package sent as letter from India, it took 3 weeks just for the post office to send it to the clearing centre and it has been bouncing all around India for a month. Calcutta po, Bombay, and one other I forgot. Still hasn’t left India.

I was getting desperate for that parcel so I ordered from a different seller. It last tracked to the local po and it disappeared 3 weeks.

I ordered again from yet another Indian seller and his tracking number given isn’t even real but he assures me it’s on its way.

I thought USPS and Canada post were bad.


Sounds like USPS recomputes the route whenever the package is received in a distribution center. If so the good news is that the new route is likely the most direct at that time. The bad news is that their online tracking and their emails have no meaning.

I know that the software for this can be complex. UPS, for example, invest in their own, proprietary distribution software sparing no expense. USPS has no budget so must spare all expense, and its customers probably get what it paid for.



I am over the moon that my package isnt on the moon!

Your item departed a transfer airport in CHIANG KAI SHEK, TAIPEI, TAIWAN on July 17, 2018 at 7:21 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

Now it needs to clear customs and get delivered via Taiwan Post.
Come on Taiwan Post! I am cheering for you! You can do better than USPS! Go go go!


At least with IPS you get the whole tracking inside Taiwan: it is now in Taoyuan, then their main package sorting station, then whatever branch, then my favorite delivery in progress…which unfortunatley can take 6 hours of the package being chauferred around Taipei. Then the long awaited phone call.


What is IPS?


I am guessing UPS as the i is adjacent to the u on the keyboard.


UPS plus what we call in Spanish un dedazo.



“Your item was processed through a facility in TAIPEI, TAIWAN on July 18, 2018 at 11:45 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.”

It is getting closer.
Since it has left the airport and is now in Taipei, I hope this means it cleared customs without being nicked for tax / import fees. If that is the case, then my master plan worked! Muahahaha!

I am guessing it will be delivered tomorrow. Wait and see…wait and see.


This is pretty common. Sender has to file a complaint. USPS is pretty lame. But they are the cheapest.

Doesn’t matter what service you use, customs fees will be the same.

I have shipped things here a lot. Many being high dollar items. FedEx if you are in a hurry. USPS if you are on a budget.


I picture my package bouncing around, being loaded and unloaded as the delivery guys trace their most fuel efficient route…