UX jobs in Taiwan?

Here’s a question for the dozens of software engineers who filled out the spreadsheet:

Who gives you the front-end design mock-ups? I don’t see a single UX designer in the spreadsheet. Are they rare in Taiwan?


Have you seen the websites/apps here? I don’t think there are any such designers.


It means there’s huge opportunity in the market I’m telling you. All you have to do is convince a few clients and watch things snowball. Being the first to market could mean huge profits


I know someone working at a famous bank here saying: “someone learning JS , HTML and CSS try to make to follow Product team instructions” :man_facepalming:

What do you mean? Write HTML and CSS and see if PM likes it.

I think he means creating protypes then mock ups of the most usable designs (after usability testing) in Figma and collaborating with front end devs to implement those designs

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I know :sweat_smile: I was joking.

Shit I’m stupid :joy:

I legit thought PcHome is a scam site the first time I opened it… What a joke


Mmhmmmm. Thus:

I agree. once the old people die here and the cash flow is in tech literate hands, there is going to be mad rush for decent development. but to be fair, it will be short lived due to simple small population size domestically. Probably expanding into a character based language base and broadening would be worth a shit ton of money.

webdesign is already quite expensive here if one takes into account the product quality recieved.


Now that I think about it… actually a lot of websites from Taiwan look great.



I think it just depends on who is cheap and who is not.


Indeed, the super rich here do have decent websites. but what’s the excuse for the government? and the majority of small~medium companies with shit websites.

I say this as a person with very shitty websites :joy:



but to be fair, a good example of a decent website (even after they butchered it last year, it still ranks near the top for government sites in my opinion)

Saving Taxpayer’s money! :rofl:

Give it to the intern.

certainly what it seems like. In the private sector too :crazy_face:

Saving you money with lower prices! :rofl:

We sell our shit on Shopee anyways!

Shopee is pretty shitty too. like a modernized Y2K Yahoo. :upside_down_face:

It seems that the design of websites like PCHome was inspired by Japanese sites and then people just had a “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” attitude.

This video has an interesting analysis of why Japanese webpages look so outdated and cluttered. I think most of what she says applies to Taiwanese websites too.

She also made a summary in case you don’t want to go through all the video:
sabrinas.space -

I do not think this is true. The cultural preference for “lots of silly stuff crammed together” is also visible in Taiwan TV News channels with stuff scrolling left and right and up and down and information crammed in every nook and cranny.

I have worked for a company where “optimizing” for the Taiwan web page was something that was actively persued (and not as a side product of what the Japanese page looked like). In the case of Taiwan, optimizing for clicks and retention basically means making it look cluttered and having silly little things all over. Other countries’ pages would look totally clean and would be basic copies of the US page with some minor customization.

It really depends on the size of the market and how much customization a company wants to put into it. I think we can assume that PC Home spends plenty of time optimizing their webpage for Taiwan.

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