Vacation advice in Taiwan (2020)

Every year I go on vacation in England combined with somewhere else. This year it’s not going to happen.

It’s a bit of an open question, but where would you guys recommend in Taiwan? I am toying with the idea of driving down to somewhere between Hualian and Taidong for a week, then heading off down to Kending for a few days.

I’m really not that clued up on where to go in Taiwan on account of most tourist destinations here being a bit shit. However, this summer it looks like I shall have no choice but to do less harm to the planet. How do I make the most of it?


What do you like to do on your vacations? And is the whole fam coming along?

Hualian is really nice. It’s probably the nicest part of Taiwan in terms of beauty. Part of the reason is the difficulty getting there before many bridges and tunnels were built.

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It will end up being the entire Taiwanese side of the family. Wife, daughter
(9yo), 2 wife’s sisters, 2 cousins (8+10yo). probably MIL maybe FIL.

I’m so looking forward to it

EDIT: I like to sit at bars on vacation.


If you want to explore, I’ve some friends that say good things about the east corner between Taidong and Kending. Chill there and then head up to Taidong hotsprings for a bit.


Hotel Royal Chiaohsi is a nice relaxing family excursion for a few days. They’ve got a big pool for the kids, spas and saunas for the olds, and a well-stocked bar for you.

Edit: I mentioned the bar before even seeing your addendum about what you like to do on vacation. How well I know you!

Oh, and the missus can get an oil massage. Nice facility, great service, and there’s something for everyone there.


I’m just an ungrateful old whinger. It’ll be fun.

I agree with you that one of those big hotel complex things would be the best way to go. Quite expensive, but then I’ll be saving loads on flights back to the UK.

Thinking about cost, would it be better to book now? They are probably going dirt cheap at the moment, but once summer comes and everyone realises they can’t leave the island prices will skyrocket.

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The earlier the better, probably. Last time I went I booked at least a month in advance.

I just looked at the prices and we’re talking 12k a night for a two person room. That’s a bit of an ask. I’m sure that’s online foreigner price and my wife can get it down.

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Yes it’s quite expensive, unfortunately. There’s not much more I can say about that. Lovely experience, though.

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I think three rooms negotiated down over two nights would set me back around 100k. It’s doable.

I’ll just have to starve everyone for a week beforehand so they maximise the buffet. You can never get too many shrimp on a plate.


100K would still be cheaper than taking the tribe to the UK though.

And you never know, you could even get a bonus Typhoon. (Just make sure that the booking can be cancelled without charge - just in case).

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Looks like I’m about ten years ahead of you. My FIL passed when the kids were little. Now, my MIL and BIL both have serious health concerns. The old guard generation the family have all passed. I wish I wasn’t such a prick when the kids were younger and I bitched about family trips which to me were near insufferable excursions to hot crowded places and tourist restaurants where strange kids touched my arm hair all shrouded in loud and joyful Taiwanese which I don’t understand well.

This is the investment portion of the marriage. :cowboy_hat_face:

My thoughts:

Or, if that’s not feasible…“go to the restroom” towards the end of dinner and sneak to the cashier and pay the bill. I STILL get face for doing that.

BIG Face:

The good news is you really only need 2-3 nights there to experience everything the hotel has to offer. You never have to return again for the rest of your life if you don’t want to.


True. One and done seems to be the norm for “Going to play.”

This place, list prices are the tourist prices, sometimes there are online deals with prices much better than this…Ideal spot if you’re with kids and family.

Indeed. Of course, I say this having been to this hotel about three times in my life. But only ever in groups of 2-3, and only once did I actually foot the bill myself.

I just love hot springs. Love to take a big steamy bath in fragrant oils. There’s nothing more relaxing and vacation-y to me than getting good and greased up and being boiled like a vegetable.

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I last about 3 minutes in a hot spring before I start seeing headlines of Guy Dies of Heart Failure in Hot Spring swim before my dimming eyes.

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Pro tip: do not submerge above heart level.

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The feeling I’m getting at the moment is hotels in Taiwan are overpriced.

Before this COVID-19 I’d have spent less on a holiday in Vietnam. With a genuinely nice beach and really good food.