Vaccine requirement for teachers

At the end of the 2021-2022 school year, the MOE in conjunction with the CDC mandadetd all teachers at public and private schools must be vaccinated and fully boosted (3 shots total) in order to teach.

If teachers opted out of being vaccinated or boosted, they were required to submit a weekly negative Covid test at their own expense in order to teach.

Will this mandate, as silly and nonsensical as it is, continue into the next school year? Is it indefinite?

Would you be able to ask your employer and report back to us?


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how about an antibody test, taiwan still accept that?

I agree, it’s a bit much. if they mandate this, at this point in time, it should be paid by either the employer or the government. aka, shouldn’t be 3.5k a week bill for essentially useless data.

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3.5k a week?

Tests only need to be taken once a week and they cost 100 nt through the ration system, don’t they?

we just paid 3500 each for pcr last month for work. is it cheaper elsewhere? this was at a hospital and we had to pay out of pocket because the company requires 3 jabs or proof of no covid within 7 days and they, nor NHI pay for anything.

side note. we had to walk through the entry way with 20 plus people that all tested positive standing outside with a nurse. no signs, no direction, and no one tried to stop us from getting their plague. we waited there 20 minutes until the nurses (2) came out through the door to get us (had reservation) and also walked through all the infected to the other side of the building, near the ER, and do their quarantine room rubber glove trick to us on the other side of the glass wall. when finished, they come out and stood with us to fill out paperwork and take our bag with the sample.

if this is what quarantine, testing or even diligence means now…all I can say is L~O~L. it’s just a money grab. if we were in a real pandemic this sort of dumbfuckery would not be tolerated, by a hospital no less!



Teachers only need to take weekly rapid tests.

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I wonder what they’ll do when they start rolling out a fourth shot (or that tweaked Omicron-specific formula I’ve heard about) late this year. It’ll be a bit sus to then say “actually the mandate now requires a FOURTH shot,” but I can definitely see them pulling that.


Heard through the grapevine, the bosses just ask to see neg proof on the teacher’s phone. If you forgot to take the test, I wonder if some people would just show the previous test. Not saying anyone would do that, of course.

This requirement makes absolutely zero sense to me.
Why do they want teachers vaccinated?
The vaccine is to protect the one getting vaccinated from complications that could lead to hospitalization or death. It has pretty much zero to do with stopping the spread and preventing infection of others. So where is the logic? A teacher that is not vaccinated is no more a danger / threat than a teacher who is vaccinated / boosted. They don’t require the students to be vaccinated, which compounds the lack of sense in all of this.


According to this Chinese-language article [], the MOE will not require teachers to be fully vaccinated for the upcoming school year.

Article Quote:
教育部長潘文忠今天重申 , 不會規定師生一定要打滿幾劑COVID-19疫苗才能到校
[Education Minister Pan Wen-chung reiterated today, teachers and students will not be required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before returning to school.]

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But do the teachers need to test weekly?

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You have to write your name and the date directly on the test or at least in Taoyuan.

It’s stupid af because you can still get COVID with 3 shot. Yet they aren’t required to do weekly testing and spreading it.

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looking for logic where there seems to be none will only make you crazy.

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cheers for clarifying that. we were forced to pcr or not take the job.

But now, according to the article above, vaccination will no longer be required for teaching.

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they still have a month plus to scare us out of that. does seem to make more sense until a vaccine that prevents spread is created.

So, you mean before you took on employment.

From memory (and I don’t know if this is correct), I think you may need a PCR before you take a new job and after that rapid tests are all you need to do each week. I ended up buying them in bulk for 80NTD each (50 tests) and have just left my job after using less than 10 :frowning:

I’ve been doing the rapid tests every week for more than six months, while my vaccinated colleagues, who can all equally transmit covid, are not required to take the test.

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This is exactly why that rule made zero sense. Glad it appears to be done away with.

I haven’t seen where it appears to be done away with. The article above says you don’t need to be vaccinated, not that you don’t need to take tests if you’re not vaccinated. Have I missed something?


You are missing the cause and effect of the situation here.

The effect was having to test weekly, the cause of that was the requirement to be vaccinated in order to teach.

According to the article, there is no longer a cause. Therefore there is no longer an effect.