Vaccine requirement for teachers

As someone replied in the mask thread, I like your reasoning, but that doesn’t specifically say rapid tests are not required. My school still requires them. Also, there never was a mandatory requirement that you be vaccinated in order to teach. It was strongly encouraged, not mandatory.

Edit: I should add… they’re were making the same kind of deliberately misleading statements that they continue today, aided and abetted by the media. They did it more than once, allowing people to read into the media release that it was mandatory to be vaccinated or you would not be able to work in a few days time.

One had to look very closely (several times) at the official statements made and media reporting and go back to the original source to see that it was possible to work and not be vaccinated if you did weekly rapid tests tests.

They’re doing exactly the same thing with respect to masking, and its beyond disgusting.


My school 1000000% lied about this and it still pisses me off. Then again lying is considered acceptable here. :sneezing_face:

The next time someone says that to me, I’m going to ask, why do they send home a whole class that is vaccinated when someone in that class gets COVID?


Just for the historical record, true to my word, I did this two nights ago, and the recruiter at the company stopped all communications with me :smiley:

Maybe don’t suggest that if you really want the job.


Lmao shit so one over COVID and the other over not doing a demo? I can’t stop laughing because I would probably do the same.

Oh yeah they don’t like it when a lowly employee questions the boss.

The recruiter figured you’d be trouble and dropped you for some new starry eyed 20 year old who thinks Taiwan is the land of poonani and who will do what he’s told :smile: they tend to not like long termers who know their rights

Yes, indeed. Don’t dare go pointing out the obvious: vaccines don’t stop the spread of COVID. Presumably, I need to be vaccinated to go in and do the demo so that everyone is ‘safe’.

But, when someone in a class of entirely vaccinated students gets it, they send everyone home. Why’s that? And pretty much everyone I know who has gotten COVID was vaccinated. That’s a fair number of ‘breakthrough’ cases.

But let’s just pretend we’re both stupid and that vaccination prevents transmission.

I hope the school doesn’t want me teaching the kids critical thinking, or the freedom to make their own choices and respect those of others who choose differently.

Yeah, just shut up, get the jab. And pull that mask up over your nose, teacher!


The agent (Bryan Wu of esljobtaiwan), probably yes. I don’t have a problem telling him he is unprofessional.

He raised his voice to have a heated argument telling me I was wrong as I read out the emails that contradicted everything he was saying. He tried placing me in a job that was exactly the opposite of everything I told him I was looking for and exactly what I had specifically told him I was not looking for.

He told me I should have known heaps of things that he had assumed, that because I’m going to an interview in the afternoon (not the morning because the weather was lousy), it meant I want to work in the afternoon with kids. That because I’ve been teaching kindergarten for 5 years, I should be totally comfortable teaching another level I’ve never really taught. And because I’ve been in Taiwan for more than a year I should know everyone requires a demo when you go to meet them. Yeah, its all about me, and not about his lack of professionalism or integrity.