Vaccine Tourism

There are bans on people having been to certain countries in the previous 14 days such as IIRC parts of Europe (Schengen countries, UK, Ireland), Brazil, South Africa and India

“There is no restriction on citizenship or residency down here. We were treated like anybody else as far as residency,”

Disclaimer: Travel Off Path does not recommend traveling to the United States on a visa for the primary purpose of receiving a Covid-19 vaccine.

These are unprecedented times and traveling to receive the Covid-19 vaccine could come with risks including being denied entry, visa ineligibility, being infected with Covid-19 while traveling or inability to receive the vaccine. Travel Off Path does not take a stance either for or against the ethics of vaccine tourism .

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The problem with traveling to the U.S. for vaccination is that unless you are totally reckless you should get health insurance for the potentially astronomical health care costs there. And this is very difficult if not impossible in this context. Some guy got an invoice for over 3 million USD for staying in hospital because of covid

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Good luck collecting 3 mil from some guy in his home country.

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It is an amount big enough to be worth the effort and it is actually not so difficult unless the guy lives in North Korea

Can we play this out?

  1. Fly from Taiwan to LAX. Are there currently any COVID-related restrictions in place for those flying from Taiwan to the US, besides a negative COVID test?

  2. Get the J&J vaccine. Or, if you’re staying for a while, another vaccine. Although then you have to wait the time in between the 1st and 2nd shots.

  3. Chill for a week or two. Again, is there a quarantine requirement for entry into the US?

  4. Fly back to Taiwan. Would you have to quarantine for two weeks in a hotel, or could it be at home? I assume it wouldn’t matter that you’ve been vaccinated now?

See “Exit Plan” discussion…


Only a negative PCR test result is required to enter the U.S. No quarantine requirements. The situation here on the West Coast is life is nearly back to normal and most people are behaving as if the pandemic is over. No special accommodations yet for returnees to Taiwan who’ve been fully vaccinated.

Bookmark this for when you plan to return to Taiwan:

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Watch out for local restrictions though. LA county has mandatory quarantine. Whether and how it’s enforced I don’t know.

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There’s no enforcement there from what I’ve been hearing. People are coming and going at will.

Not surprised. :sweat_smile:

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And also and even more so see “Vaccine tourism” thread. “Exit plan” is more for those leaving for good


Where in NY? Thanks!

New York City

The Big Apple is getting its latest tourist attraction. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city will deploy vaccination sites in Times Square where all tourists can be vaccinated with the single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Nice. Thanks.

Tourists to New York City Can Now Get Vaccinated in Popular Spots Like Times Square | Travel + Leisure

Repeating the data given by my brother, for future reference:

He got his FREE shot in a parking lot. From the hands of a burly fierce looking Marine. In Miami, FL. He and his gf traveled from the old country and found out about the location of this particular camp on the internet, where it is posted publicly.

I will add the links once provided by my siblings.

As stated, they do not check nor separate local residents or vaccine tourists. Not all states do this. FL does not care.

Other family members booked their shot on the internet. Seems you can do that with the largest pharmacy chains in US. CVS, the like.

My husband and I are going to the US for the vaccine and to reconnect with family. He’s getting the one shot J&J at Costco and I will go to CVS to get the Pfizer. I’ve already had AZ here. We’re leaving to reduce our time living in a fearful lockdown state as it is really affecting our well-being. The vaccines will be available very soon in Taiwan, but we prefer to spend time with family. It is expensive but worth every penny.


My brother says FEMA is giving out J&J and Pfizer, and they allowed him to choose. He chose the one shot because he hates to fly. He says if you book at the pharmacy, for instance, CVS or Walgreens, you get what they have that day.

Gotta wait for my other brother to wake up to find out the websites for booking. The other relatives and friends went to Houston and Dallas.

My brother’s only complaint was the extra costs for everything, from flights to car rentals, because of vaccine tourists, all have increased. He says car rentals should be about 200 bucks, he paid almost 600 for the weekend.

The CVS websites tell you what is available but oddly enough, there seems to be an availability difference based on 1st or 2nd shot booking.

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Ok, second brother up. He says currently they are vaccinating at the airports, so if you get to Miami, go to auditorium 4, get the shot, and you haven’t technically even set foot on the US yet.


Linkie for Texas

Other linkie for appointments


Taiwanese are TikTok-ing their trip to the USA to get their vaccinations.

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