Vaccine Tourism

I get you. Every country makes a mess and cleans it up, but America does it best.

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The group of four friends from Latvia had driven 26 hours in a camper van to reach San Marino, where they became the first visitors to take advantage of the microstate’s Sputnik V Covid vaccine holiday package.

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Of course, the U.S. produces all of its own food, guns, vaccines, and nukes, and is the largest food exporter in the world. . . . Gee, maybe try growing your own some time?

And let’s not forget the arms control treaties that harshly restrict exporting guns, much less nukes (except to Israel of course).

Hey, didn’t India proudly proclaim that they’d developed their very own vaccine?! It’s called “Covaxin”!!! Hey, how’s that going for them?!

And why is there no hate for the EU, which has been banning exports of vaccines despite being incompetent about giving them out to its own populations?

There are reports from people all over the world showing up for vaccines in the US, taking them, chilling out, getting their second dose, then going home. I don’t really blame them nor care, even as a US citizen who has essentially paid for them. Why? Because people willing to get on a plane and jet off to another country for a vaccine are the same people who will experience “pandemic fatigue” and decide a vacation in India is a great idea right now, vaccinated or not, catching a variant that is only 60% prevented by some vaccines, then helping to make sure this pandemic goes on for even longer.

Using it as a tourism scheme? I mean, not everyone in the US has been vaccinated yet. And scientists are saying to give up on herd immunity dreams with so much vaccine hesitancy. So the US hasn’t shipped the vaccines that they came up with and funded to other countries yet. So? As others have mentioned above, it’s not like other counties were generous about PPE and masks for the general public at the start of all this.
Should the US be sending vaccines abroad? Probably. And I do think that’s already being discussed, but again, the US is looking after its own people right now, just like every other country was at the start of all this

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Do you have any evidence to support the claim that fully vaxxed people with pandemic fatigue are spreading the virus and prolonging the pandemic?

Pfizer and Moderna are the two most used vaccines in the US and the research is showing they have efficacy against all known variants.

By the way, India isn’t open to tourists.

was that why your president was begging for hydroxychloroquine doses?

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You asked about new vaccines, not ancient generic medications that have been farmed out to commodity drug makers. You’ll also remember, of course, that one of the things Trump was pushing in the wake of that mess was for the U.S. government to subsidize manufacture of (otherwise unprofitable but essential) basic medications so that that never happens again. . . .

Vax process in CA is hella smooth. Booked online, got a text message to confirm the appointment an hour before, showed up, provided ID and insurance information (it’s also free if you don’t have insurance) and was out within 20 minutes. Sweet sweet Pfizer is now flowing through my veins.

I think they’ve gotten most of the people who want to be vaxxed and are struggling to get the holdouts off the fence. They’re even playing ads on radio trying to target people with vaccine hesitancy.


Does this include non-residents and non-citizens? What ID is needed? Thanks.

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Edit: also this

Do I need to be a California resident to get COVID-19 vaccine?

No. Vaccine distribution is based on eligibility irrespective of residency or immigration status.

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A buddy I know from Japan flew his family to Hawaii to get vaccinated.
I think if people want to do that, then it’s fine.
Why begrudge someone wanting to spend a lot of money to get vaccinated, or a state/country that is allowing them to get vaccinated due to stockpiles?


Thanks for that. I used to live in LA but now have a driver’s license from a different state. I would like to possibly go somewhere with my Taiwanese wife for vaccination.

From the article:
Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is free. You may be asked to verify your age to confirm you are 16 or older. You do not need state-issued ID or insurance to get the vaccine.

If you go back, avoid LA. There’s mandatory quarantine I believe.

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Good for you.

So here are my requirements if I do this:
No quarantine on arrival
J&J one shot vaccine
Ability to make appointment for same or next day vaccination
West coast of US or closer (Guam or Hawaii, for example)
Non residents and non citizens accepted

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Isn’t that the least effective of all the vaccines (except maybe Sinovac?), or did I misunderstand something?

Didn’t know that. I’ll check.

I read a couple of numbers in the range of 60-70% (which didn’t seem too far off those for a single dose of AZ, for example).


Then that makes planning much easier, actually. Thanks for letting me know.

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