Vaccine Tourism

More and more countries are opening up for so called vaccine tourism where you can book package deals with all inclusive hotels along with getting fully vaccinated. These places includes Guam and Maldives. However more areas like Bali have also considered providing vaccines to incoming tourists.

I have been considering this approach myself to get my vaccine and a vacation (currently working remotely) since it will definitely take at least a few months to get it here in Taiwan and for things to open up. Although many news website has written about this phenomenon, I have not yet found a suitable guide for traveling from Taiwan.


  • What countries and companies are today providing this service with origin from Taiwan?
  • Anyone that would like to share their own experience of doing this?
  • Any major flaws in this approach that I have missed?

See Vaccine Tourism for some discussion on the topic.

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If this becomes a normal thing, my doubts on humanity are likely confirmed.

All i hope is that while youre doing it, make small talk with foreign nationals about chinas vaccine diplomacy and why you, as a taiwanese, cant get vaccinated despite having one of the best medical systems on earth. Its so overtly oppressive it literally makes my gut hurt.