Vacuum cleaner bags

Where can we find vacuum cleaner bags for a Mitsubishi model? Tried Da Tong store but they do not sell them. Any ideas?

I usually got them in Zhuenguo Dienzi, but for some reason, they have not been available at my local store. Try it in your area.

And no, none in Carrefour or those. Maybe the department stores?

This is what I do. I take out my bag, and take the card that attaches itself to the vent (to get the vent diameter), go to the local ‘everything available’ shop, and they take out a bag of the exact sime size. Works every time.

Some of you may raise an eyebrow because of what I am going to say now but…

One evening I needed my vacuum cleaner and off course the thing hardly worked. A quick look learned that the bag was full (what a surprise). Since I wanted to get the cleaning done and over with and there was no way I would ever find a bag at that hour I saw no other solution as to empty the paper bag carefully. At least to get enough stuff out to be able to use it again. I carefully got the crap out the same way as it came in.

To my own surprise this “system” worked so well that I haven’t bought a new bag in 2 years! All I do is clean the air filters and empty the paper bag a bit sooner every time. Give it a try and see for yourself! We don’t need to buy all those new bags at all, simply empty it careful and you have saved money instantly. :sunglasses:

And better for the environment too bla bla … :sunglasses:

Doesn’t everyone do that, or is just my growing up with my thrifty gran? :laughing:

Erm…why should it be surprising??? I do it all the time. It’s only when the bag gets ruined that I change it. I thought that was the usual thing to do. Even the helpers who have worked for me do the same thing and will only let me know when the bag is perforated!

and when the bag is torn, there’s gaffer tape!

never done it …but should come handy in an emergency :laughing:

Coudn’t help thinking of this thread when I saw this article this morning: … 9196687000

Enjoy, but hardly anything to take too seriously, imo.

I have to change the bag because Their Lordships -the cats- do not take care of roaches or other bugs, and I won’t touch those with a broom, so, vaccum cleaner is the solution…

Finally found the bags at the Mitsubishi company. It is Zhong Xiao East Rd. Sect. 5 Lane 524 Alley 3 #2 1Fl. It is near the Yong Chuan MRT stop. Phone number 2727-6050. 5 bags for 190 NT$. If anyone else needs them they can go there.