Vacuum cleaners, robotic and traditional


Well, damn. I shouldn’t have written that. The battery on our Dyson, now roughly three years old, is dying. For example, a full charge used to be good for a complete vacuum of the sofa (all cushions turned over, etc.), and now I need to do that over 3-4 charges.

So: does anyone know about buying a replacement Dyson battery in Taiwan?


Have both Dyson and the robot Electrolux. Dyson is not worth the money they sell here for. Electrolux robot is pretty good but still overpriced in my opinion.


@_Lilith bought one for our house. It’s cool but I don’t think it replaces a regular vacuum.


It’s cute and everything but yeah… it doesn’t really do the job as I wish him to.


I realized I was fighting a losing battle facing two cats and a long haired human armed only with a Dyson handheld that would quit after 20 minutes, so I got an ecovacs robot vacuum on Amazon on Cyber monday. It ended up around 6000 NT.

The model received good reviews on several US websites, and I only realized that it was a Chinese brand after the fact. :expressionless:

So I decided not to turn WIFI functions on. I also realized with the remote I don’t really need to turn the WIFI on. I don’t want the bot to roam when I’m not around anyway, as I’m terrified of the prospect of finding cat poop all over the floor.

So far it’s working out great. The floor is clean. The cats are entertained. Reducing long hair on the floor also decreases the risk of cat poop disasters.


We never use our robot cleaner after the novelty wore off

It kept getting stuck on chair legs and requires monitoring

Too much trouble
And our cat is way too big to ride it which was the real reason the wife bought it I’m sure


mine only gets stuck climbing up electric fans. That happened once, and when it realized it’s stuck, it beeped and turned itself off. The rest of the time it was able to figure out an escape route.


I’ve had a Neato Botvac for a couple years, which was pretty pricey but does a really good job, rarely gets stuck, and has a square front to get right into corners. But if I were gonna buy another robot vacuum today, I’d probably get a Xiaomi – everything they make seems to be both cheap and good, and there’s not much on my floor that the CCP is likely to care about.


Well our robot is as dumb as a rock requiring constant monitoring and it won’t turn itself off if it gets stuck just keeps whirring away

It does Chase the cat around the house which is kinda cool . It does so surreptiously but it seems to know where the cat is

It’s been a year since we turned it on. Not sure it even works now


I don’t really think any Xiaomi product is good, but if that’s what you are looking for, you should take a look at Roborock.

Xiaomi’s robovac is basically a rebranding of Roborock.


I bought a Xiaomi this year, my wife loves it. The app is pretty good too.


Their mi band is pretty good for the price. Nothing fancy but it does everything a really expensive health watch does for like 20$


I thought mi band was measuring phantom heart rate without even being on the wrist.


I’m not sure. But it’s about right for my HR when I compared to others and did a manual measurement.



But this one is a copy not the xiaomi one. But wtf, xiaomi is so cheap why would you even make a knock off lol. Xiaomi is basically a knock off brand lol.


Didn’t notice the video description. I simply posted the video because I thought the experiment says it better than words.

There are plenty of posts complaining about the inaccurate HR sensor on the MIUI forum, where people flat out says there are issues with the firmware and hopes that the issue will be addressed with patches.

This article has a comparison chart between HR measured with the original Mi Band and Mi Band 2.


One looks like it’s measuring things, the other looks like it’s generating random numbers between a fixed range.


Entirely possible. I don’t trust any of the other xiaomi products.


I used a handheld dyson and that thing is awesome. I want a full size one now but the prices are meh :confused:


Warning: My parents gave me one of the Dyson vacuums as a gift from Canada three years ago, and I loved it. But now the battery is dying and it only lasts perhaps 3-4 minutes on a charge, versus what used to be 10-20 minutes. I’m trying to get the battery replaced but it’s proving a hassle - Dyson Taiwan won’t help me because it comes from Canada; Dyson Canada may help me, but I’m currently mid-bureaucracy, and even if they’re willing to sell/give me a battery I’m very skeptical about their ability to get it to me here.

I gather the three-year battery lifespan is somewhat expected - and to me, a three-year lifespan on something that expensive seems a bit crap.