Valentine's Day

Don’t forget to do something special for your honey today.

:heart: + :flowers: + :serenade: = :hubba:

:raspberry: = :bicker: + :brokenheart: + :wanker:

This morning I forgot this was a special day (I know, it’s only special because the candy, flower and teddy bear industries promote it as such, but don’t even tell that to your SO), but fortunately I work across the street from Neihu’s great flower market so I made up for it with my lunch-time purchase. That’s all for me. Too busy for fancy dinner. If I get chocolates, she won’t eat them and I’ll be stuck eating them all. Teddy bears? Naw, got too many already due to our child. So flowers and a Happy V day greeting will have to do. Not overly romantic, but good enough. :slight_smile:

My :serenade: and I have plans so I will likely get :hubba: and then spend the rest of the day :smiley: and :yay:

My SO and I will go for a long romantic walk down by the river tonight, and then maybe I’ll give her a nice warm bath, a tummy rub, and some raw eggs. :s

I’m comin back as a dog in my next life.

I refuse to do anything special on this day. No special dinner, no flowers, no card, not even an eCard - and guess if my SO loves me??

Well, not today maybe.

I made a card, but I doubt I’ll get anything. I would have got her a present, but I gave that up after the last few non-event Valentines Days. :frowning:

It’s the 28th straight Valentine’s Day that I’ve been single! Woohoo! I guess the first dozen or so times was pretty depressing, but now I quite enjoy it.

Just keep telling yourself that and everything will be ok :unamused:

Sounds like you were a pretty damn precocious 3-year-old :slight_smile: ! Personally speaking, the second dozen valentines were more relevant to me.

Anyway, last year I took my wife to Costco and bought her pizza for V-Day. I just dunno how to top that one this year …

Stick a ring donut on your ‘old boy.’ Dinner for her and a blowjob for you. Problem solved.

I don’t give a crap about all this commercial nonsense … :smiley:

I’m comin back as a dog in my next life.[/quote]

I can’t wait that long. :frowning:

Might not have to if my 6:00 dinner date doesn’t get his worthless ass here soon…

I’m posting on forumosa for Valentine’s Day. Go superstar me!

I have reconfirmed my love for teaching during these last few days and my desire to continue seeking the means to become an even better teacher. Not exactly romantic, but it works. :lovestruck: