Valid forms of state teacher certification?

Hey, asking for some advice regarding acceptable teacher certification for visa purposes.

A friend showed my CV to the principal of a well-regarded, English-medium private school in Taipei. She said she would be glad to hire me to teach English literature (I have a PhD in that field), but she she’s not allowed to sponsor my visa hire me unless I get a teaching license.

So my question is: what exactly counts as ‘teacher certification’ for visa purposes? Does this include less-than-full licenses, like preliminary or initial or probationary teaching certification? Or does it have to be a ‘full’ license?

I’m looking at the Massachusetts preliminary license and the New Jersey certificate of eligibility. They’re easy to get and they’re first-stage licenses but technically they allow you to teach in NJ or MA.

I’m grateful for anyone’s wisdom or advice!


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Iirc people have said any US (state issued) teaching license is acceptable.

You can read some of the fine print in the following post.

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Thanks. The legalese in your link is a bit too dense for me, but the consensus on here and other forums seems to be that the MOE doesn’t really discriminate among teaching certificates.

Thank you for this information!