Validity of ARC, TW Driving Licence and TW International Driving Permit

Here’s the story:

My ARC expires in a week. I have a new job that will give me a work permit, etc. but won’t get the resident visa and ARC for a month or two. That’s okay because I’ll take a short trip to Vietnam. Then I’ll come back and get 30 days visa-free entry, and within that time leave again for three weeks in Europe (where I am from).

Two related questions:

I would like to renew my driving licence before I leave. Can I now do this? Can I get six years? (The address needs changing anyway, if that’s relevant.)


  1.  submit an application before the licence (and ARC) expires next week and
  2.  be granted a (six year?) renewal (no fuss, no questions)

then… CAN I (within the week before the ARC expires)

  1.  submit an application, 
  2.  be refused and 
  3.  appeal successfully through Richard’s Administrative Appeal process.

I would like to have a Taiwan International Drivers Permit which I can use in Vietnam, the UK and Ireland. I want to drive a scooter/motorcycle there and do not have a local licence to drive this kind of vehicle anywhere except Taiwan. Will the IDP have a fixed validity or is it tied to my Taiwan Driving Licence (which I may not be allowed to renew)?

It seems reasonable to me that I might want to use my Taiwan licence overseas. Even a person leaving Taiwan might want to leave with a valid licence (and IDP) from Taiwan to ease the transition to a new one. Taiwan’s own regulations provide for varying degrees of recognition when people arrive here with a valid licence from elsewhere. Why do I have this perverse suspicion that what seems reasonable to me will be impossible? Do they not want us taking Taiwan licences overseas and asking that authorities overseas recognise them?

I’d like to go to the DMV office knowing what my chances are or at least how I might put my case to them. Does anyone have any information or suggestions?

I am not sure that I understand all of what you have written . . . but in relation to the six year driver’s license, of course I can help you get that. First, you should get a driver’s license for the period they will give you. Keep all your receipts, etc. Then contact me.