Vampire Killers Target Milosevic

Vampire killers target Milosevic, who’s already dead, or in their mind, “undead”.

Strange, but true. I don’t think it’s a hoax.

It’s being reported by other sources too, but apparently it was a symbolic protest “to spite Milosevic admirers”, and not an action by real ‘vampire hunters’.

Do they even have folk traditions of vampires in Serbia? I always thought it was limited to Romania…

Fools! The only way to truly kill a vampire is to cut its head off!

Isn’t that zombies?

Nope, zombies you shoot in the head.

i love that dawn of the dead and night of the living dead movies! especially the newer version where the zombies can run.

hey JD, can we have a party where we watch those movies? maybe order pizza and make it two movie kind of thing?