Vampire the Eternal Struggle (Just like MtG) in Taipei

Hi, new here.

I have a big collection of Vampire the Eternal Struggle card game (original name was Jyhad), made by the same maker of Magic the Gathering, but a lot more sophisticated and mainly played by adults all over the world, along with tournaments each year around the world. I know there are players in Singapore, Philippines, Japan and Hong Kong, but nobody plays here in Taipei, Taiwan. I have enough cards to go around that you can build a deck without spending a penny. This is a game best to have 5 players. If interested, even if just curious, let me know. I’m fairly easy going so in case you don’t feel comfortable to hang out and learn more about this game, I won’t push you or call you to continue to encourage you when you’re not interested anymore. Anyway, take care for now and hopefully I can meet some native English speakers like myself.


Hey !
I like card and role playing games, so I would be interested in trying this game (and play to other cards games too maybe).
Feel free to contact me :

This is a great game. I used to play it in high school all the time. We also played a paper based RPG about vampires, it had the same clans and everything but I can’t remember if that was called Eternal Gathering or not. Wish I was in Taipei, I would definitely be down for a game or two.

Maybe you’re talking about Vampire the Masquerade? Yeah, too bad you’re not in Taipei. I’d hook you up with a deck… need 5 ppl to play this game tho. I’m going to try to find Magic the Gathering players and see if anyone of them would like to try since this game is structurally similar to Magic (same company made both)

[quote=“natahem”]Hey !
I like card and role playing games, so I would be interested in trying this game (and play to other cards games too maybe).
Feel free to contact me :

Great! I’ll email you in a few days when I get settled a bit Nico!


Just got another shipment in and now I have 60,000+ cards and booster packs for future possible tournaments prizes. If anyone else besides natahem (Nico) is interested, let me know and we’ll find a place/time to meet up so I can go through the basics of this great game. You don’t have to worry about spending money as I will within my means, help you build a deck of your liking for… ZERO NT, which translates to ZERO USD, ZERO pounds, ZERO Euros and ZERO Renminbi !! That’s the great part of this game, unlike MtG, you don’t have to spend your life savings to build a tournament quality deck. I still remember back in 1995 I sold my 60 card black and blue deck for $1800, which was ridiculous but paid my parents bills for a couple months as a teenager :smiley: :bow:

Also, if you’re curious and want more info but do not want to face the wrath of my stinking face, you can go to for details of cards or if you’re a very visual person, you can find collection of gifs of each existing card online or give up fighting the urge to avoid me :noway: and I can send you the zip file of those gifs on my flash drive (I still can’t believe the Taiwanese call it USB :2cents: ).

Wow that’s quite a collection. You know White Wolf stopped making the game in 2010 though right? So I hope you got a great deal on those unopened packs! Anyway it sounds fun but I am much too far away to play. If you don’t find a playgroup in Taipei, you really ought to try to play magic again but play EDH (also called commander). It’s a popular format, cards never rotate out, it can have large multiplayer games with a social/political dimension, and it is reasonably inexpensive to play, so it seems to meet most of your criteria and will certainly have a larger player base.

Hey AncientGeek, yeah, they stopped making expansions because they want to use their resource to make an MMORPG version instead. However, this game is still being played all over the world and just had tournaments this weekend so this game is still very popular. I know this game is played in Singapore, Japan, Philippines and a couple other Asian countries. Yeah, I think I probably have the most collection of V:tES in Asia… how ironic and sad. I might have to try other card games and try to lure them to try V:tES. Not sure what I should do as I really want to make use of these cards. My collection doesn’t even include the prize support card booster boxes, which probably amounts to quite a few thousand cards.