Van taxi ...?

Hi, we’re leaving in about two weeks and need a taxi service that can fit the four of us, our luggage and our dog in his travel-crate, so probably need a van or something - any tips, numbers? Thanks a lot!! Xpet.

I would happily take you on the AnimalsTaiwan van, but I honestly think it will be too small - it only has three passenger seats.

There is a minibus service - maybe they can remove the last row of seats? I think Malc on TaiwanHo knows the number - I could be wrong.

Let me know if you want me to help - maybe I could just follow your taxi with the dog.


Car rental places will do this. Here’s the number for one on the corner of Heping W Rd and Xiamen St - 2391 4382


I’ve also been told that, if you have a local credit card, you get free transport to the airport - maybe you should check that out.

Also, K-Vans can probably help.



Thanks guys, will give them a call to compare prices - I just found out that my company has a contract with a taxi company that can also provide 7-seater vans, so we’ll see …

Sean, thanks for the great offer, but I do believe you’re right, it’s a bit too small … but it’s the thought that counts!! :wink:

If I find out anything I’ll post it here in case others are interested in the same topic. Thanks guys!! Xpet.