Vancouver Canucks jersey or t-shirt

Mother’s day is near. Son and I both wear our loyalty with pride but his poor mother has none. Does anyone know where to get teamwear in Taipei?


Monoclub on Aiguo Rd, across from CKS. MRT exit #5. Aiguo East Rd
Tel: 2321-2065

Should have a Canucks jersey. Think I saw one in there last week.

Unbelivable! A good, solid answer ten minutes later. I’ll get there asap, maybe Sunday if I can slip away. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

As you’re a hockey fan, if you’re free, the CIHL has three games Sunday night at the Taipei Arena (Dunhua & Nanjing).
Open (Upper) Division 1st and 2nd place Chaiyi Sharks and Sababa Bears at 7:45 pm,
Club (Lower) Division 1st and 3rd place Dragons and Ice Men at 9:15,
Open Division 3rd and 7th place Tigers and Lions at 10:45.

Free entry, as always.

Go Canucks. (And Bears. And Dragons. Boo Tigers.)

You Gave awesome directions, I drove right there. Sadly they had one, nice price too, but way too big. Any other ideas?

Might be a long shot, but I picked up a replica team Canada jersey three years ago on ebay for like CAD$30. They are similar in quality to the ones stocked at Skatepro/Monoclub. They had auctions coming due daily and shipping address was Seoul, Korea.